Hi, I'm DantonSlip, freelance artist providing video games, llustrations, webcomics and a lot of more stuff!
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I'm passionate about cartoons and comics and want to make all sorts of stuff for people like me to enjoy!
It's a crazy universe that I'm creating, so please come and join me on my endeavors. I'm creating unique abstracts, original creatures, and strange atmospheric landscapes for you to colorize and wonder about in you mind. ((The +18 tag is mainly for the organic nature of the shapes within my art. Many shapes tend to resemble male and female parts from time to time.))
creating da best of da best movies
Names Alex and I do illustrative work
Bleach Wave
Music and visual art
Anthill Art
Casting ant colonies and other things with molten metal
I make videos on youtube about philosophy, political science, history, art, and more.
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Alex Tabor
A freelance artist, graphic designer, and writer who enjoys storytelling and comics. Working on an anthology series of short story comics.
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I am a mostly self taught artist / animator. Enjoy!
The Embraced One
Creator of
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Reagan Lodge
Independent artist & storyteller, USMC veteran, creating the dieselpunk-fantasy adventure graphic novel "WYIT".
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Making Art, Art Demonstrations, Painting Tutorials, Artist Tips and Tricks
Jon Proby
I'm an Orthodox Christian centered in Oakland Commiefornia. I'm a social critic, artist and iconographer
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MadeByJimbob is a satirical cartoonist depicting complex social and political issues.
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Art Hobbyist, Typo Expert, Overworked Weirdo
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is creating comics and illustrations.
My name is Jenny Lynn and I am a New York based artist. What do I say with my art? Celebrate human imagination. Wonder at the mysteries of the world. Treasure the eccentric.
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WIPs, OCs, fan art, fandom meta and more!
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Hello, I’m PhilthyTurtle! I am a professional perler artist, I make and create various custom pieces of physical pixel art using melty beads. I’ve made everything from small projects like keychains and necklaces, to stands and large wall art.
creating art on theme pin-up or figurative, vehicles and also some pop culture things.
My biggest passion is painting and I've combined it with my passion for shoes.
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The International Lovers
The International Lovers. We are a U.K band with a unique sound. We take influences from Bossa nova to 60's garage rock.
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Sci-Fi/Fantasy & horror author, streams art & games on Twitch, uploads videos to Youtube, and runs various online shops.
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DeKill, audiovisual arts, including (but not limited to) music and video production.
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Howdy! I'm a freelance artist who draws webcomics, fanart, commission, and other weird things!
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Tama's Last Life
A cat that lost all it's lives. Now down to it's very last one. I want live my last life to the fullest. Will you join me on my last journey? Join me on my journey as a virtual streamer~!
Bruce Carbon Lakeriver
Supporting my Work on my YouTube/Bitchute Channel
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