Come and join me on my journey into the imagination! Through writing, I plan to bring to life nightmares, dream-scapes, and everything in-between. Who knows, there might even be a full-fledged novel in the works! find me on wattpad @SpookySpaghetti0416
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Artist * Designer * Streamer * Educator * Content Creator
Catalytic Comics
Supers, Sci-fi, and Humor! Web developer and recent comics enthusiast, making comics and open source fan community tools.
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The Embraced One
Creator of
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Sewing Report
Welcome to the Sewing Report, I'm Jen! Discover your love of sewing, crafts + DIY projects 💗 Here you'll find beginner to intermediate sewing tips + tutorials, sewing machine & product reviews / how-to's + documenting my creation process. 🎥
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Piotr Łukaszkiewicz - Typography & Typefaces
I am a typographer and typeface designer. I design typefaces and write articles on issues concerning type on my blog.
Creating funny gaming content and creative tutorials on audio, video and photo editing, and even offering advice on enterprise IT solutions.
Marnie Doodle Dots
I create beautiful one of a kind pieces of hand painted artworks using the pointillism method.

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