Explore Stars

Naomi Wu
DIY, Review and Tech Videos
290 subscribers
82 posts
Dave Cullen
Help support my YouTube channel so I can continue to keep on making the kinds of thought provoking content my subscribers enjoy. Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated.
553 subscribers
7 posts
Matt Christiansen
Matt Christiansen is a YouTuber and podcaster talking politics and culture from the refuge of a wilderness fortress.
317 subscribers
3 posts
I make educational cartoons and satire!
281 subscribers
92 posts
Independent Man
Help support Independent Man make media great again.
Jonathan Pageau
60 subscribers
51 posts
Daisy Cousens
Support my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/DaisyCousensOfficial) and help me create engaging, thoughtful, and above all, FUN political and cultural commentary! Together we can fight the culture wars, and with your support, I may come out unscathed. I also write for The Spectator, Penthouse (for the articles), and am a regular contributor to Sky News Australia. Looking forward to collaborating with you all!
170 subscribers
112 posts
Military History Visualized
YouTube Channel on Military History
I make online clips in which I seek to inform people about news, especially politics, and in which I try to provide some further analysis - mainly from a British perspective.
84 subscribers
76 posts
Comics, games, and more.
5 subscribers
394 posts
Dr. Steve Turley
Analyzing current events in light of conservative trends so that you can personally and professionally flourish!
178 subscribers
105 posts
Independent, investigative journalism- brought to you with integrity.
32 subscribers
38 posts
Mind and Magick
Frater Xavier creates video content specializing in Hermeticism, Western Ceremonial Magick, Philosophy, & the Occult.
28 subscribers
60 posts
Dan Dicks - Journalist and film maker at Press For Truth
36 subscribers
124 posts
Yaron Brook is the host of the Yaron Brook Show, renowned speaker and best-selling author. Brook travels extensively promoting Ayn Rand and her philosophy-Objectivism, Capitalism, Political & Economic Freedom.
76 subscribers
63 posts
Cassie Jaye
Documentary Filmmaker | Founder of Jaye Bird Productions
44 subscribers
4 posts
Writer/essayist, engineer, linguist, sailor
227 subscribers
81 posts
Patriot Nurse - the woman, the nurse, the patriot.
47 subscribers
41 posts
I create videos on YouTube that breakdown media, including Video Games, Movies and TV Shows.
47 subscribers
0 posts
QUANTUM VIBE (quantumvibe.com) is a series of slightly-mad stories about the difficult people who overcome war, intrigue, the dangers of outer space and the laws of physics to build new lives among the stars.
21 subscribers
27 posts
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