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Hello :D

I've noticed a pattern when people send me fan-mail. Those who elaborate their 'Thank you' often end up with either: "You helped me improve my grades, particularly in social studies. The way you analyze and seek out information taught me to think more critically as well."

Or: "I used to think politics was the most boring topic imaginable, but you made it funny and interesting. The heavy list of sources that comes with every video helps when I debate people." Making it clear the comedic tone of my channel creates interest amongst those who would've otherwise stayed apathic.

Sometimes, the fan-mail is accompanied by a little anecdote of how the person used to be extremely politically correct. So if you ask me, I think my work has certain value.

What I do comes with a comedic tone since politics is a depressing topic, and I'm essentially portraying a cynic trying not to lose hope. Also, if you watched my patreon exclusive bloopers, it becomes clear that I don't just set up a camera and start recording:

Ironically it's a pain in the ass to make my work appear effortless. Writing the script takes numerous days, since I want to gather sources and come up with a thoughtful analysis. Recording the script takes 4-6 hours since what I'm doing is essentially acting, so there's re-takes and experimentation with presentation. Editing takes several days because I like to pay attention to the camera angle, zooms for comedy and contextual emphasis, as well as presenting my sources on-screen so people understand I'm coming from a place of well-meaning. Also, doing subtitles takes 2-5 hours depending on how long the video is.

My channel is one of a kind in Sweden. Only you can decide if I'm offering anything of value to you, or society. YouTube pays very little when you're not mainstream vlog material, so know I highly appreciate even the smallest sums.

That's why just 1 dollar gives you the privilege of me answering any question you wanna ask, even though as a misanthrope I'd rather feed you to my snakes. But I'm not going to do that. Because then I wouldn't have an audience, now would I? 🤡

Even when I'm not uploading a video, I'm always looking for new material. I'm always 50 scripts behind my schedule, I'm always thinking of several new projects at once. I'm working on several books at the moment and I plan on interviewing more people for my channel, as well as doing more movie and book reviews.

Naturally, a higher budget allows me to produce more. My life is more or less dedicated to my channel, and that's the way it needs to be for that high quality to maintain. That's why I think it's reasonable to ask for a monthly sum. Do YOU? DUN DUN DUNNN................

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I put this here to give you mf options

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Walla Walla

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I'll make you a bracelet with something offensive written on it, so you can think about me while you're jacking off. And I'll send you this along with a personalized letter.

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