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I’m a photographer and cinematographer located in Byron Bay, Australia. I like photographing & filming all things beautiful… especially in and around the ocean.
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Creating Adventure videos inspiring you to Get Out There!
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I create videos on YouTube that breakdown media, including Video Games, Movies and TV Shows.
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I make musical videos
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New Philosophy for Nihilist: Univernaturalism: An Ex’t of Nihilism
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QUANTUM VIBE (quantumvibe.com) is a series of slightly-mad stories about the difficult people who overcome war, intrigue, the dangers of outer space and the laws of physics to build new lives among the stars.
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Creating online Guitar lessons for all levels. I will be uploading regular video tutorials along with both TAB and Guitar pro files so you can learn alongside me at your own pace.
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Electronics Engineering Videos
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The Rogue Deckbuilder.
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Writer. Verified Nobody. Voice of the Exhausted Majority. Footsoldier of the Patriarchy. Thot Leader. Find another hero.
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Two plebs, Don and Peter, talking about the news of the day
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Content creator on Youtube, making educational / entertainment videos about historical arms and armor, martial arts, movie & video game tropes, and other topics.
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TMRO creates shows about human exploration of space. We have a weekly Space News show as well as a weekly live interview show. Come get excited about the cosmos with us!
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I'm a self-published author writing fantasy and science fiction novels.
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Bully/Canis Canem Edit Speedrunner, Modder, and Videomaker. Some people call me the space flås.
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Online, I go by Mellow. I am an online VA (voice actor) which specialises primarily in comic dubs. I am from the U.K. and am very passionate about my craft.
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Independent music/audio producer, audio visualizer designer, voice actor, and President of Etheric Entertainment.
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We Started Out on YouTube As OurHalfAcreHomestead And after almost 10 years we are branching out in to more exciting things..like Drag Racing for fun!
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