Explore Stars

I create videos on YouTube that breakdown media, including Video Games, Movies and TV Shows.
63 subscribers
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QUANTUM VIBE (quantumvibe.com) is a series of slightly-mad stories about the difficult people who overcome war, intrigue, the dangers of outer space and the laws of physics to build new lives among the stars.
22 subscribers
34 posts
TheQuartering & MidWestly
Creating consumer advocacy videos for the fandoms of gaming, movies, comics and Real talk news on MidWestly
269 subscribers
10 posts
Electronics Engineering Videos
15 subscribers
38 posts
Become The Knight
Music YouTuber trying to teach people about awesome music, and trying to make some awesome music himself.
45 subscribers
85 posts
Nathan Rich 火锅大王
Video content creator that focuses on topics like China, Scientology, technology and anti-racism.
Content creator on Youtube, making educational / entertainment videos about historical arms and armor, martial arts, movie & video game tropes, and other topics.
William's Corner
I'm a self-published author writing fantasy and science fiction novels.
453 subscribers
24 posts
Kevin Shipp
Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.
21 subscribers
55 posts
Professional shitposter.
144 subscribers
17 posts
Jemini's stories
Hey everyone, I started writing for fun. I enjoy isekai stories, but had noticed a few things I liked in the stories that I rarely saw, and others that nobody ever did but I wanted to see, so I decided to write a story with those things in it myself.
12 subscribers
131 posts
Vincent James of the Red Elephants
Founder of The Red Elephants Inc
284 subscribers
36 posts
Laura Towler
English Video Maker and Activist
99 subscribers
20 posts
Axe of Creation
Rock. Composition. Guitar
17 subscribers
46 posts
Hi, I'm Taryuji. I'll create the monthly Manga and also do a youtube channel. Click here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKBjbYHb3Ui-J0InW6t3tKg
19 subscribers
53 posts
Alistair Williams
Support Alistair Williams and keep real comedy Alive.
Arch Warhammer
Greetings! i am Arch Warhammer and i make Warhammer and 40k Lore videos on YouTube every Friday along with some general strategy content
139 subscribers
51 posts
An American Woman with Lisa Kitter
MAGA Patriotic, Entertaining & Educational (Buckle Up - We Move Fast!)
5 days
 Trust Period
14 posts
The Awakened Brave Channel
Hi, My name is Aaron and my videos are about the nature of reality, metaphysics, spiritualism, human psychology, modern philosophy, astral projection, psychedelic experiences, consciousness, the mind, general Man watching and much more.
Disability Caucus - Your Grass Roots Disability Rights Channel
social/political channel discussing weighty things in a light hearted way.
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