Trix Joyce
I'm Trix Joyce and I'm a 31 years old digital artist, youtuber and writer. I started this page to fund my projects in art, comic art and writing.
CG and comics artist, writer, elf lover. Author of Fading World graphic novel.
Comic Book Hut
What makes a hero? Are they born or do they choose to do the right thing? Conlan,a young sailor has a great decision to make. CAPTAIN GALAXY: IN THE DAWNING is a 60 page color epic graphic novel about a pregnant space whale that is about to give birth on the planet Earth,but if that happens the planet will be destroyed. This story is inspired by Jonah and the Whale. Many people have found themselves in hopeless situations and a simple thing like a prayer can be their salvation. In CAPTAIN GALAXY: IN THE DAWNING,Captain Galaxy and his daughters Dina and LaMara arrive from the planet Annwfn to stop this "blessed event". Their obstacle is the Formorii sea-prince Manannan Mac Lir who has somehow found a way to control the creature.
Mostly Fanart
12 posts
Howdy folks, my name is Oleg, I'm a Russian-speaking Latvian. My purpose of being mostly consists of drawing web comics, character illustrations and making time-lapsed drawing videos of my artwork.
I make the webcomic Into the Smoke, along with comic, prose, and visual novel side stories!
silly nonsense
I write Choose Your Own Adventure stories and make comics!
Primarily for my Comic series: Myths of Sato Valley. Also for anything else.
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Doomcock is a pop culture critic and supervillain who is destined to save geek culture and rule the world!
26 subscribers
174 posts
MadeByJimbob is a satirical cartoonist depicting complex social and political issues.
7 subscribers
19 posts
I'm an artist making something. Hopefully it's different enough to stand out.
FullBlastRadio is an online radio station from NY operating in Georgia. It's primary genre is 80s/90s/Underground HipHop, NeoSoul and Old School RNB
@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios
MWS is a Comicbook and Content Creation group that aims to provide entertaining fiction and new IPs. Brand by @AlienOvan. Main website: || Minds:
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Elijah the Auraman
Just your average comic book and manga reviewer.
The Official SubscribeStar account for WCBs
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Illustrator| Comic Artist
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Writer and illustrator making emotionally geared and colourful stories that, hopefully, will inspire others.
ASTROCOHORS CLUB is looking at the cultures of the World and their works, especially comics, movies, and books. And there's a story going on. See more on our website.
CoolCliff Studios
Visual artist who makes character art commissioned art and NSFW works.
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Welcome to the phanclub! Here you can get updates and previews on all of Dannphan's comics, such as Reaper, Sonic City Witch and new projects coming to Burning Star Comics~
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Jon Del Arroz
Jon Del Arroz is the Leading Hispanic Voice In Science Fiction, a #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, comic creator, journalist and cultural commentator.
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An independent comic book publisher who tells strange tales along with beautiful art.
🌺 Hello, I'm Mini! 🌺Thank you for stopping by! I'm an independent artist / writer, with creative flair in many ways. On stream you can catch me illustrate, play games, make assets and design for various use, and more! Socials:
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I'm making comics and illustration.
Blinky Paws
Comics creator (Artist)
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Rizmy's busker bin
I make comics and artworks, but would love to do animations, and films full time.
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I'm a artist and a graphic designer by profession. I dream with the day that I could live of my work.
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Fil Barlow
Cartoonist, animator who worked on some animated TV shows you might know.
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