Hey Yall, Since BIG-TECH is WORKING overtime to KILL MAGA Voices? I decided to setup MY OWN Subscribe Star Page! Im a Pro-Trump Gamer, Podcaster and Musician!
how you doin acolytes! im the spooky but kooky youtuber who is into all kinds of content ranging from gaming reactions and reviews!
Pickup Paul
I do ride-share and sometimes get very entertaining rides.
0 posts
Pec bounce
Pec Bounce Videos
3 subscribers
49 posts
Three Count Commentaries
Writing Fiction. Wrestling commentary. Comics. Movies. TV. Independent political opinions.
1 subscriber
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Dave Reale`s Area 51
My name is Dave, creator of "Dave Reale`s Area 51." It`s a comic strip about grey aliens.
The Osseophile
Illustrator, filmmaker, and musician.
1 subscriber
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Sometimes informative, but mostly entertaining podcasts, skits, and animations.
Lets Be Frank
Working to provide content to inform and entertain.
24 subscribers
1 post
The Purge
Non politically correct speech from the free world! Come hang and enjoy freedom! That's what rock and roll is about!
7 subscribers
29 posts
Break The Cycle w/Joshua Smith
Break The cycle is a web show hosted by Joshua Smith
3 subscribers
0 posts
Your favorite Youtube Consumer Advocate HarpyI make videos and melt snowflakes ;)
I am RubidiumMoon aka Ruby/Rubi. I am a streamer and content creator. You will get access to exclusive content and early access content as well as other random things down the line.
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Nerddorks focuses on making videos on Bitchute in regards to Video Games, Anime, and Comics, where I give my hot takes on things going on in entertainment, and even reviews of said entertainment.
"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
Why Our Civilization is Dying and Why We Should Fight for It
Willy Muffin
Musician, gamer, archer, programmer, writer, and generally all over the place guy.
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Son of Sonnet
30 days
 Trust Period
6 posts
Boneheaded Drivers and More!!!
Trucking Fails and everything else in between that is gut bustingly funny. Come for the Fails. Stay for the LOL's!
Weeb Trash ASMR
I am a male voice actor and ASMRtist specializing in audio roleplays, primarily targeted towards a female audience. All audios produced are all highly immersive and engaging experiences. Enjoy!
15 subscribers
7 posts
Pretty much anything and everything on my mind. From toxic people, toxic places, toxic control and even the Toxic Avenger. I'm a free thinker who does not ascribe to the left/right. If you're looking for diverse content, you're in the right place 💫
This Subscribe Star is here for anyone who enjoys my content and wants to support me do what I do.A donation of any size will help me continue to create content, get better equipment, and quite frankly keep the lights on!
Help support my YouTube channel so I can continue making Tech, Video Games and Entertainment content. Anything you can provide is tremendously appreciated.
High Quality dramatic YouTube readings for the fictional SCP Foundation.
15 days
 Trust Period
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I create Videos of Philosophy, Psychology and Religion as well as humorous thumbnails
My channels The NPC Show, The NPC Kitchen, and The NPC Studios consist of food, fun, and patriotism.
10 subscribers
35 posts
Reviews of high end audio gear, and audio science explanations
8 subscribers
21 posts
Science Wizard Comics
Science Wizard Comics is fantastic new comic book company creating fun creator owned titles and an exciting connected indie comics multiverse.
I publish mostly political commentary or satire. I have a degree in politics and international relations and would describe my content as coming from a leftist perspective.
Reviews and roasts with bite. No franchise is safe from Yeti's scathing cynicism and sarcastic rants. So strap in and enjoy the ride as Yeti feasts on everything pop-culture related.
2 subscribers
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The Olga S. Pérez Show

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