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What makes a hero? Are they born or do they choose to do the right thing? Conlan,a young sailor has a great decision to make. CAPTAIN GALAXY: IN THE DAWNING is a 60 page color epic graphic novel about a pregnant space whale that is about to give birth on the planet Earth,but if that happens the planet will be destroyed. This story is inspired by Jonah and the Whale. Many people have found themselves in hopeless situations and a simple thing like a prayer can be their salvation. In CAPTAIN GALAXY: IN THE DAWNING,Captain Galaxy and his daughters Dina and LaMara arrive from the planet Annwfn to stop this "blessed event". Their obstacle is the Formorii sea-prince Manannan Mac Lir who has somehow found a way to control the creature.
I'll offer earlier and depending on the topic requested content
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DigitalAlucard on YouTube
Whether it's YouTube, X, TikTok or Rumble, DigitalAlucard or Alucard for short is a small content creator working for the sole purpose of survival. You will see Reviews of various products, see gaming content as well as plenty of rants. On occasion I will provide commentary on the more thought provoking kind.
DDEX (Dino-Defenders Extreme)
If you're a fan of unique storytelling and wish to support a vision that honours old school sci-fi movies, then this is the project for you!
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It's fun to put a smile on people's faces. You're not livin' if you're not laughin'.
Better Bachelor
Better Bachelor is a channel to talk about Men's Rights, men going their own way and other societal concepts. I talk about news, opinions, humor and ways to better yourself and find happiness in today's society.
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Doomcock is a pop culture critic and supervillain who is destined to save geek culture and rule the world!
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Jai Haze
Everything is Everywhere
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Lets Be Frank
Working to provide content to inform and entertain.
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Solo Video Game developer creating amazing full and mini game concepts including CCG's. Support my channel and video game development by a developer that chooses PLAYERS over payers.
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@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios
MWS is a Comicbook and Content Creation group that aims to provide entertaining fiction and new IPs. Brand by @AlienOvan. Main website: || Minds:
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The Official SubscribeStar account for WCBs
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I'm coolman229 and I make Youtube videos on movies, video games, TV shows, etc, and I particularly like to talk about writing []
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I'm on the path of proving to my organization [REDACTED] that I am worthy of running my own division! From my command center, I am testing the waters on all streaming platforms to see which one provides me the strongest signal.
Break The Cycle w/Joshua Smith
Break The cycle is a web show hosted by Joshua Smith
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James Allsup
I create videos, produce podcasts, give speeches, and conduct historical research. Your investment allows me to continue produce informative, engaging material that can be enjoyed and shared. Thank you!
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Siren Tarot
I shuffle tarot cards at YouTube and do private readings for clients over the webcam. I plan to publish a book on moon and Mercury aspects in synastry within the next few months.
Exclusive content from the J. Sean Collins Media library
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Why We Fight Podcast - Justin Stamm
Why Our Civilization is Dying and Why We Should Fight for It
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I create videos on YouTube that breakdown media, including Video Games, Movies and TV Shows.
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Content creator on Youtube, making educational / entertainment videos about historical arms and armor, martial arts, movie & video game tropes, and other topics.
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The Slavaboo King
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I make custom models for physical tabletop and digital (TTS) wargaming.
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Cece Says Hello!
...Giving A Voice To Real Stories...
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Hello. I am EmperorPeeter. I am Estonian person with varierity skills and activities. I do content on VRChat, been musician and artist over 20 years, also modding a lot of games and like to play and find a good methods to play the games.
Twitch variety streamer from Romania. I play all kinds of games, but I mainly focus on action games, like DMC, or on RPGs, like Gothic. What can you expect from my streams? Interesting games, above average gameplay, humor, a russian accent and flexing.
Dave Reale`s Area 51
My name is Dave, creator of "Dave Reale`s Area 51." It`s a comic strip about grey aliens.
Mr Kami
This is my new way to earn support. Feel free.
Welcome to HiDdeN SQuiDZ! I am a independent content creator of guides, lets plays, and analytical videos.
"The Princess Bride" is awesome, and so is anyone who watches it! Also I'm trying to do YouTube stuff!

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