Sarah Corriher
Your donations make it possible for me to continue producing videos regularly. Together we can save the world by awakening one libtard at a time.
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Boris Le Lay
Breton, exilé, propagandiste
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David Vance at large
Right of liberal, in fact, more precisely, just right!
Stoney Wolf Mind Control Central
Independent Broadcaster & Voice-Over talent, News Junkie, Musician, Astrologer, Philosopher, and Theater of Mind performer. I'll be providing various coverage of what's happening in the news, but also provide weekly horoscope forecasts based upon my 40 years of experience as a Jungian Astrologer. I'm here to provide logical perspectives, forecasts will be provided in a highly produced audio content for listeners. I'm bringing back my Astro-Audio forecasts.
Funding-support page for Stitch ( mainly, plus its connected divisions. Stitch is a game-testing platform that connects game-developers with play-testers, where developers reward testers with points, used to acquire premium games, when they submit quality feedback and bug reports.
Live Streaming & Posting Alex Jones Infowars Shows Commercial Free Since 2013 Approved By Alex Jones
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Jaw Breaking News
America’s Hardest Hitting News
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Graveside Paranormal News Network
Graveside Paranormal News Network provides you with real paranormal news.
A Great way to support me and help me provide entertainment.
Welcome to the temporary home of the Prepper Agenda. My name is Frederick Reddie and I'm an Urban Prepper, a Disaster Preparedness Educator & Coach and a Social Entrepreneur. I'm extremely passionate about sharing Preparedness Awareness to help people become P.R.I.M.E.D [Prepared Ready Immediately to Manage Emergencies Directly] without waiting for first responders. My mission, if you choose to subscribe to it, is to crowdfund a permanent home using the educational platform to build Preparedness Awareness Academy, a social enterprise venture. Preparedness Awareness Academy will feature Online Preparedness Courses, the Prepper Agenda [Private] Members Group sharing invaluable preparedness knowledge and a very generous Ambassador Program to help members become P.R.I.M.E.D by earning a passive income to purchase life-saving preps. To learn more please read each subscription tier at the bottom of the page along with my pinned posts.
Calling out shallow/superficial teaching so you can avoid them and driving toward a deeper understanding of the issues, particularly in the contemporary American Christian Church. I want to add depth to the conversation and help you to do the same.
Hard Bastard
Daily News Live Streams
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