Midnight Commentary
I stream on Rumble on Wednesdays at 9AM Central Standard Time!
If you would like to support my video work and content please join! Thank you!
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Transmitter News
Transmitter News ( gathers the day's most important headlines from a wide variety of sources and provides them to you on a one-page, easy-to-read website. We also create podcasts ( on a broad range of consciousness-expanding topics. Remember to subscribe to our e-newsletter, and thanks for your support!
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The Gun Collective
The Gun Collective is the home for everything guns. Whether you're looking for gun news, gun laws, gun reviews, ammo tests, high speed video or anything in between. We have it all.
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Pleb Media
Discussing news and ideas
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Better Bachelor
Better Bachelor is a channel to talk about Men's Rights, men going their own way and other societal concepts. I talk about news, opinions, humor and ways to better yourself and find happiness in today's society.
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Tore Says
Independent Journalist - exposing the globalist cabal.
The David Knight Show
Subscribe to David Knight for the most in-depth and cutting edge investigative journalism.
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The White Hats Media Group is the natural evolution of our work started in November, 2010 with the first White Hats Report. Ten years and multiple reports later, we’ll utilize the power of SubscrbeStar to reach more viewers, readers and followers and leverage crowd funding as a revenue stream needed to support our research and investigative efforts.
Chandler Crump
Free Thinking 15 Year-Old | Public Speaker
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The Still Report
Bill Still is a video content creator on YouTube and similar platforms.
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Lets Be Frank
Working to provide content to inform and entertain.
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Podcasts and theme music tracks produced by Joe Charter, a musician with 100's of original music tracks, producing LIVE interviews of producers, book authors, entrepreneurs and music singer-songwriters from around the world
My channels The NPC Show, The NPC Kitchen, and The NPC Studios consist of food, fun, and patriotism.
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Sultans of Shadilay
Producing the Sultans of Shadilay podcast and supporting other aspiring content creators.
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I do conservative political commentary through my independent news site (Real News, Sports and Entertainment) also Documentary film maker “The Big Jab” about the Covid-19 vaccine.
Resistance GB
Journalism reporting on Natural Rights, Civil Liberties, Police Abuses and Government Criminality in London and wider Great Britain. Philosophy resisting erosion and abolition of British culture, our Constitution and Common Law. Footage from the front line, livestreams, podcasts, commentary, analysis and original insight. Anti-lockdown. Pro-freedom. True liberal.
Geopolitics & Empire
The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast conducts interviews with high-profile guests on geopolitics and international affairs seeking to gain insight from experts on both the left and the right as to the true nature of current events.
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We Got A Problem
A Guy On Youtube
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White-and-crimson wizard, amateur internet-anthropologist, "Pointless on Manifold Fronts", Making Centrism Great Again. ("oo • zuh • lue").
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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical umbrella organization created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth.
A Nightly Talk Show for News, Culture, and Social Commentary
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Sarah Cain
I am The Crusader Gal. Your donations make it possible for me to continue producing videos regularly. Together, we can attempt to change the course of the culture. For one-time donations, please use "tip". For monthly donations and to become a V.I.P. member, please use "subscribe". Thank you!
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Tke Media
Independ journalism, and free speech platform for all Manchester protests of all ideologies. Bringing unbiased reports which attempt to remain impartial but still entertaining
The Channel That Revolutionized UFO Research
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JTH show
A podcast made for everyday people that want to know what is going on in the world. We talk about news, current events, and life in general.
Host of The Joe Padula Show out of Clarksville, Tn. New Jersey Born, New York Lived & Afghanistan War Veteran with the 101st and now on iHeartRadio, absolutely. We talk about thing YouTube and Facebook like to delete.
Kip Simpson
Independent research and reporting
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The Truth is Now report daily
our weapon is sharp and ready. it is called the truth that cuts both ways
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Three Industry Solutions
The mission of Three Industry Solutions is to provide various forms of digital commerce and online content which includes entertainment, education, news, and various other topics.

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