Comics, Illustrations, and Monsters
Nerd Leader JRDN
I'm JRDN -- an artist, a gamer, and streamer. Here you can support my work.
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Artist, Designer || Pfp by @Khatnid
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The Richter
I am a musician, music producer, artist/cartoonist and video content creator. My interests of styles vary but my focus is mainly on music, art and video content.
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comics, illustrations and music
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Digital illustrations, sketches, and speedpaintings of sexy, cute, and horrifying critters
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Miniature painting, diorama making
Art, comics, merch and more! Website:
Science fiction, horror, dark fantasy. The new-weird and surreal imaginings of an aging and autistic artist.
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Art, hopefully of the cool variety
Animations and Sketches!
This here is an alternative for fans of mine who can't afford/are not interested in my commissions, but want to show me support anywany.
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The Dark Priest
I'm a freelance musician who composes a variety of different musical styles.
Surrellusion - Circus Octopia
In these early stages i want to regularly upload the base drawings for each panels, but only those which doesn't spoil the story. My goal is to produce a hardcover visual novel with original art and story. I use subscribestar mainly to keep up the self-motivation.
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creating art on theme pin-up or figurative, vehicles and also some pop culture things.
A wierdo drawing NSFW and SFW stuff for your viewing Pleasure!
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Rogue Ways
Rogue Ways creator, Middle Path teacher, Spiritual Healer & Tarot loving soul
YouTube videos & Twitch streams!
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Art & Animations
Agent Juice Cartoons
I create cartoons and content about cartoons. If cartoons are your jam, then come along with me!
The Basic Expert
I'm making OSR adventure modules, Youtube videos, Creative Commons art, and other RPG products
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Seafood Dinner
I provide art and game development content for all to view progress of any upcoming works I will make, as well as provide access to demos and wip for supporters to play and provide feedback with!
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Cooking With Venom
I am a cartoonist, internet deep diver and video creator! I do a lot of stuff, so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!
Chaotic Canvas
Cartoon Artist and Animator
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Truth speaking advocate + Biological Realities + Art + Spirituality
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I like to draw a little this and that, but my preferred subject is animals and nature stuff. (Especially guinea pigs and capybara!)
I am creating digital art in the form of animated characters, and comic books
Joakim Valentin
I'm self-studying visual artist. I'm building a portfolio and my skills currently. I plan on starting to do commissions soon and sell my personal works as prints.
Art | Original Music | DIY | Help support Isamolle to make original music and art. Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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Geck artings
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Featured Stars

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