A guy who was dead for 13 min enjoys lifestyle with informative information.
Free Sailing Tutorials
We plan to offer free sailing tutorials on youtube & optional premium content for you.
Writer, blogger, mother....jumping on the social media bandwagon
14 days
 Trust Period
15 posts
Coty Reh's Blog
I write digests of the latest research in biology and sociology.
Beer and Gear
Zythophile,Cervasian American, Ammosexual , Avid Outdoorsman and Gear Geek.
Josh in the Shell
I'm a comedian, voice actor, and charisma coach.
Nivritti the bliss within
This channel is dedicated to impart, the wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions, In the form of simple practices which can easily become part of one's lifestyle.
Captain's Vlog
Sailing tutorials & behind the scenes video

Featured Stars

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