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Greetings! i am Arch Warhammer and i make Warhammer and 40k Lore videos on YouTube every Friday along with some general strategy content
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The Almighty Dollar!

Never underestimate the value of a buck! This gives you access to the Subscribestar posts and early access to the regular lore videos so you get them on Thursdays rather then Fridays

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Elector Imperialis

Members of this esteemed order will be granted the privilege of voting for the next big lore series! Will it be Space Marine crusades? Dwarf wars of vengeance? or Eldar corsairs raiding imperial worlds? This is your chance to help decide!

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Vox Populi

For when merely voting for one series is not Esteamed enough! Members of this level will be given access to voting on various mini series, which primarch to do first what aspect warrior to do next etc the frequency of these votes will be somewhat sporadic but i can already think of quite a few things for voting

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Council of the Horned Rat

For the most discerning of clientele a position on the council ensures immortal honour and glory by being listed in the scrolling end credits of every lore video!

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  • Exactly what am i planning to do with your donations? Part of the donations will be used to pursue the noble goal of keeping myself alive and supplied with snacks and lore books, beyond this glorious and highly worthwhile goal i will be using the donations to help make larger lore series. A larger lore series? what does this mean precisely? Good of you to ask! My usual friday Lore Videos will remain much as they have always been, a primarily audio based product intended as glorified "background noise" for gaming sessions or long and boring car rides etc. This "new" series will focous on larger and more detailed events like the Wars for Armageddon in 40k or the Great War against Chaos in Warhammer, The hope is that i will be able to make these specialised lore series more visually appealing and illustrative via customised artwork and such fancy things! The Result! Thanks to the wonderful and generous support of all my backers i have been able to complete my first big lore series! The Siege of Vraks! An Epic 48 Part Series!
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