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QUANTUM VIBE (quantumvibe.com) is a series of slightly-mad stories about the difficult people who overcome war, intrigue, the dangers of outer space and the laws of physics to build new lives among the stars.
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Subscription Tiers

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Two-and-a-half cheers!

Donors giving this amount monthly will get access to the pencils and inks for QUANTUM VIBE pages shortly after the final art is uploaded on the main site.

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Law of Five

Subscribers who support QV at this level for at least six months will receive an electronic copy of each new volume as it is completed.

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Power of Ten

Subscribers who support QV at this level for at least twelve months will receive a printed copy of the next new volume of QV as it is released.

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Twenty Gun Salute

Subscribers at this level for at least nine months will get a printed copy of the next volume of Quantum Vibe when it is published, plus a drawing of their favorite character in pen and ink on paper, by Scott.



  • Subscribers are helping to support the long-running sci-fi web-comic by Scott Bieser. Subscribers get access to developmental artwork for the strip.
  • Higher tiers offer rewards of electronic and print volumes, and original artwork.