My name is Shanté. I do travel, finance, and comedy videos. I also like to give away money...sometimes. Watch me make you laugh :)
Freelance Artist, Animator, 3D designer, Content Creator with big worlds and dreams on the horizon.
86 posts
Cameron Reynolds
I make videos on a variety of things; performing arts, firearms, DIY and tips, adventure, cool happenings in life, etc. I created this page in hopes that contributions can maintain and even improve the work I do. This would include upgrading equipment and providing the means to obtain items or perform actions necessary for quality entertaining content. Supporters will receive credit in content, early access to content and bonus/behind the scenes content.
Finding Goodies
Here You will find more exclusive content from Finding Goodies, special pics, behind scene videos and more, and at the same time support Finding Goodies to make more amazing content. Get Your name in the movie deep into the woods credits, any tier count
Hobo MR Mc
Travel and Adventure with a twist
SerpentZA The Original China Vlogger
A guy who was dead for 13 min enjoys lifestyle with informative information.

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