Leather Apron Club
Philosophical and Political talks a la Benjamin Franklin's Junto
Andrei Moissejev
Andrei Moissejev - independent multidisciplinary artist who produces works themed after a great variety of subjects : history, mythology, religion, esotericism, mystery schools, philosophy and various existing literary works.
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Clifton Hicks
Banjo Heritage
10 subscribers
156 posts
Settler's Lament
Settler's Lament is creating videos on history, politics, Catholicism and culture. Traditional Conservative.
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3 posts
Military History Visualized
YouTube Channel on Military History
35 subscribers
878 posts
"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
Why Our Civilization is Dying and Why We Should Fight for It
4 subscribers
5 posts
David Starkey Talks
Talks and lectures from world renowned historian Dr David Starkey
21 subscribers
66 posts
American Revolution Podcast by Michael Troy
The American Revolution Podcast is a weekly show that explores the history of the Revolutionary War era in chronological order.
3 subscribers
301 posts
J. J. Bartel
Author, Scientist, Historian, Gamer
Conor Ronayne
Connecting dots and sharing ideas to help others grow spiritually.
Survive the Jive
I need your help! I have made informative videos about history, paganism and traditional cultures from around the world for years. My channel depends on patrons to continue. As a patron, you get merch discounts and access to exclusive content! Do your bit to support unbiased European history broadcasting.
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 Trust Period
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LibertyTalk FM streams talk radio dedicated to personal & economic liberty as based on the American system that elevates the individual as the standard-bearer of Human Freedom.
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Mr. Patriarch
A reactionary family man making videos on history, politics, culture and Christianity.
10 subscribers
61 posts
M. W. Wollacott is a writer and podcaster focusing on history, philosophy, ideas, and personal development.
Sinology Unbound
Sinology related documents and videos
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4 posts
Full Spectrum Universe
Full Spectrum Universe is a movement of exchanging knowledge and bring higher levels of free thinking and critical thinking to the public we are a umbrella of podcasts that touch on all topics of conversation in today's world......
I create dissident video essays on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: political analysis, philosophy, culture as well as history. Your support ensures the continuation of this project into the future.
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Into the Woods
With stealth and Sight
90 days
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Third Academy
We make videos that bring the true philosophy of the Ancients into a more accessible form, without sacrificing the integrity of their teachings to modern sensibilities.
Arsinoe Library
Arsinoe Library is a publisher and research center for classic literature, culture, and historical epics. Our goal is to make these works accessible to modern audiences with research and enhanced narratives.
Plant News
Posting unbiased news about plants from all around the world. On YouTube and Rumble.
My name is Becky Neiman. I am a writer/producer/director and the creator of the videos and audiobooks of my late father, Dr. David Neiman.
24 posts
Apostolic Majesty
Thank you to all those who continue to support the channel here. Unfortunately due to limits on uploads my paywall videos are only available to YouTube members.
18 subscribers
61 posts
Saint Murad
aka The Middle Eastern who Loves 🇺🇸
Video essays pertaining to subjects such as philosophy, history, politics, and economics, in addition to interviews with various authors and public figures.
ARS History Notes
My notes on history you are not taught in public schools or won’t find on mainstream media
Contemplating History
Help my channel survive by donating $3 so I can continue to make content.
We create high-quality videos fighting for the humanities.
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33 posts
Holy Koolaid
I make short, laser-focused, animated videos debunking pseudoscience and pushing back against extremism and dogma. My channel:
10 subscribers
14 posts
The EdRay Report
I'm a content creator looking to start all over with multiple goals.

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