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Gefreiter / Corporal

Weekly updates - on upcoming videos, events and other behind the scenes information.

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Feldwebel / Sergeant

Early Access - Get Early Access to my videos.

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Leutnant / Lieutenant

Monthly Livestream - Once a month there is live-stream just for the members of this tier and above. The recorded version will also be exclusive to you.

Submit Questions for Interviews with Experts - Various meetings and interviews are planned. You will informed early on and can submit your questions. (Note: The interviewee might decline to answer.)

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Hauptmann / Captain

Discord Server Access - Chat with like-minded individuals. Exclusive Discord server access (includes Military Aviation History and Justin).

Note: Access is granted at the end of the month after the payment was processed.

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WW2 Question - Submit one Content Question about WW2 to the Monthly Oberst Q & A. Note that the question must be feasible, don't worry so far we also adapted it successfully. The question will be answered at least audio-only for all Obersts, yet might also turn into a full video. Non-WW2 question might be possible, if my library covers it. Note regular content guidelines: NO war crimes, NO atrocities & NO political units.

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