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Tip Jar

Thank you! You are a beautiful individual and part of the 'Circle'!

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The 80's fan...

Same as Tip Jar but you REALLY love 'Better Off Dead' or played Paperboy in arcades...

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Real Love

You really can make a difference in helping me record more songs!

You are not only greatly appreciated, but you will have:

-first access to new tracks, alternative mixes, instrumental versions and other projects.

The studio time to make these recordings is expensive and has been 100% self-funded thus far. Your membership really assists my way forward.

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Fortissimo Adagio

As well as all the above tiers,

-You are truly in the inner circle!

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Reach For The Sky

All the above tiers PLUS:

-You are clearly and truly a patron of the arts!

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Kiss Of A Spy?

I must be dreaming... Do you expect me to talk? No more foreplay...

If you are truly on MI6 payroll, please forgo this expense, and its subsequent explanation to M.

I may assume you are indeed a spy if you choose this option and therefore limit this tier to 007 people.

If you seriously want to fund the rest of the album or plans for a limited edition vinyl release, or beyond, why not just open the conversation by joining a standard tier?

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Corners Of A Circle (EP) 

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