Jody Bruchon
I like to help people become better in every way I can. I do this through my videos, my software, and my essays online.
Hello! It's Keith Here from ChibiAkumasI produce retro games and programming tutorials for old 8 and 16 bit systems (and more!)
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I do Bass and Music instruction, gear demos, and Documentaries based around Rock and Metal.
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True Crime: Man's Dark Imagination
Educational and Entertaining, fact-based content regarding historical crime.
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Dr Sam Bailey
Support my YouTube channel ( and help me create videos that expose the scientific truth about health. Together we can fight the censorship, and with your support, I can continue to question the mainstream health narrative!
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Artem Artemyev
I'm creating Words Explorer, a tool where you can learn english word by examples from movies and TV shows.
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I create Videos of Philosophy, Psychology and Religion as well as humorous thumbnails
Halal content.
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Edwin Steiner
I create videos about quantum mechanics (and potentially other topics in physics) that are meant to be more precise than the usual popular expositions but still as accessible as possible. Subscribe to support the tradition of knowledge and to get a small peek behind the scenes!
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Sinology Unbound
Sinology related documents and videos
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The goal of my platform is to give you my perspective on different topics. My interests range just like most people. I wanted to share my take on things that have help me move forward in life. I'm a regular guy just trying to make an imprint in this world. Thank you for taking time to read this and hope you decide to follow me on my journey.
TikvahMinds  |  Elijah Loving
Master Creativity & Business at Your Own Pace. TikvahMinds is looking to grow your artistic skills no matter where you are in your journey, no matter how much time you have to work with, no matter your location.  Are you ready to empower yourself with MasterMind workshops, live monthly Round Tables, weekly Drawing Exercises, and Forums?  Join a community that is tearing down the barriers that consistently hold artists/illustrators back from drawing at that NEXT LEVEL exclusively with the Tikvah inc. founder himself: Elijah Loving,  Artist/Illustrator, Professor, Entrepreneur. 
Hello and Welcome! This channel exists to help you transform from a Guitar Novice into a Guitar Magician
Code Monkeys
🦍🍌🐒 Learn to Code like a Monkey by joining the Code Monkeys community!!! 🦍🍌🐒 We create videos, tutorials, blog posts, etc. to help others learn about code and other tech related topics!
Military History Visualized
YouTube Channel on Military History
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The Chieftain
The Chieftain. Tank Historian!
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HI there! My passion is travel photography and I want to make a difference in the world through positive change by providing free quality education to the children of Mayan communities. Please follow me on Instagram to see my work @romanlewcke
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Content creator on Youtube, making educational / entertainment videos about historical arms and armor, martial arts, movie & video game tropes, and other topics.
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Thanks fort supporting my research as I write and produce audio and video content about the homes, gardens, and work spaces of the world's most creative people.
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Astronomy For Thinkers
I create educational materials for astronomy.
Karen Woodward
I'm a writer, blogger and coffee lover, perhaps not in that order.
Don has been a Christian and a self-employed window cleaner since 1981, and has been married to Cindi Marsh since 1978. He wants to finish his time on earth STRONG, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and hopes you want to do the same!
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Yannic Kilcher
Machine Learning Research Videos
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OCD Ottawa
Support group for people with OCD in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Makers of memes, writers of text, healers of many.
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Psychopomp Productions
Psychopomp Productions
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Robbie P
Robbie P is creating mathematics videos for undergraduate courses. There are no posts, tiers, or merch. This SubscribeStar is to support me while I make these videos, which I'd make for free anyway.
American Security Council Foundation
Non-profit think tank promoting Peace Through Strength, focusing on China, Culture War, and Cyber-Space Security. Founded in 1958
The purpose of my work is to share as much information as possible. As of this writing, I am active on YouTube, Twitch, BitChute, BlogSpot, Gab, Minds, Twitter, and more.
Steven Fowler
Business Owner, I teach Financial Education and Assets Investing.
Hi we're Emma Hryniewicz, aka The DreamWriters/Dreamers United. We're a multipassionate creative plural system, oracle reader & advocate in our early 30s.

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