Contracultura TV
Contacultura TV es un medio independiente que pone al alcance de las personas información para entender el panorama global. En tiempos dificiles donde la libertad de expresión pretende ser eliminada, somos una trinchera que pretende defender los valores ancestrales de la cultura occidental.
Code Monkeys
🦍🍌🐒 Learn to Code like a Monkey by joining the Code Monkeys community!!! 🦍🍌🐒 We create videos, tutorials, blog posts, etc. to help others learn about code and other tech related topics! 🔐 PGP Fingerprint: B7E6 FB94 A589 876C CFC2 1E4B 1E07 E75C 19F1 AE0E
The Reason We Learn
Videos about improving education in America.
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Jody Bruchon
I like to help people become better in every way I can. I do this through my videos, my software, and my essays online.
I offer mathematics videos and assistance to students up to college level.
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SafireDream - SAFFY
🚀 Spark Your Imagination 🚀
Wends of Change
Join me on my journey through the Western Canon!
The Biological Realist
A video show that explores the biological implications for understanding history, culture and politics.
Economics and Other Stuff
I make content about economics and other topics that interest me, and I hope to educate people on the workings of the world.
Math and Science Videos
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Edwin Steiner
I create videos about quantum mechanics (and potentially other topics in physics) that are meant to be more precise than the usual popular expositions but still as accessible as possible. Subscribe to support the tradition of knowledge and to get a small peek behind the scenes!
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I create Videos of Philosophy, Psychology and Religion as well as humorous thumbnails
Vidello Productions
Vidello Productions creates educational top list content and videos on the lifestyles of the worlds richest people. We also cover lists on interesting topics such as prisons, global changes, rivers, weather and the more stranger side of life.
Don has been a Christian and a self-employed window cleaner since 1981, and has been married to Cindi Marsh since 1978. He wants to finish his time on earth STRONG, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and hopes you want to do the same!
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Practical Teaching Tips with Richard James Rogers
Practical teaching tips and advice for teachers. I'm a high school science teacher and author of an award-winning book - The Quick Guide to Classroom Management: 45 Secrets That All High School Teachers Need to Know.
Plant News
Posting unbiased news about plants from all around the world. On YouTube and Rumble.
Thanks fort supporting my research as I write and produce audio and video content about the homes, gardens, and work spaces of the world's most creative people.
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Hi we're Emma Hryniewicz, aka The DreamWriters/Dreamers United. We're a multipassionate creative plural system, oracle reader & advocate in our early 30s.
Arsinoe Library
Arsinoe Library is a publisher and research center for classic literature, culture, and historical epics. Our goal is to make these works accessible to modern audiences with research and enhanced narratives.
True Crime: Man's Dark Imagination
Educational and Entertaining, fact-based content regarding historical crime.
Simple Cyber Defense
The Goal of Simple Cyber Defense is to educate and empower people to use simple cyber defense tools to protect themselves in a virtual world.
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Insanely Educated
Learn with us and become insanely educated on the topics you love most. With lessons and projects in subjects like computer science, math, and history, you’ll learn something new each time you visit us.
Cambridge English Exam Practice. This channel is dedicated to improving your level of English with a particular focus on preparation for the official Cambridge exams PET (B1), FCE (B2), CAE (C1), and CPE (C2). Here you will find real sample tests from all of the different levels in Reading and Use of English, Writing and Listening plus videos on specific vocabulary and grammar topics.
Sinology Unbound
Sinology related documents and videos
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We are an independent media company founded by a small team of professional filmmakers. No gimmicks. No clickbait. No agenda. We want to create content that's worth watching.
Against the Grain  - by True Arrow
From True Arrow Events: To shape public opinion further (and faster) we are launching Breaking Ranks: a series of video interviews to inform public debate.
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TikvahMinds  |  Elijah Loving
Master Creativity & Business at Your Own Pace. TikvahMinds is looking to grow your artistic skills no matter where you are in your journey, no matter how much time you have to work with, no matter your location.  Are you ready to empower yourself with MasterMind workshops, live monthly Round Tables, weekly Drawing Exercises, and Forums?  Join a community that is tearing down the barriers that consistently hold artists/illustrators back from drawing at that NEXT LEVEL exclusively with the Tikvah inc. founder himself: Elijah Loving,  Artist/Illustrator, Professor, Entrepreneur. 
Chris Hall is the creator of the Peak Dawn with Chris Hall podcast.
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An Irish education-technology startup
Red Castle Supply Company
Mission: Build Resilience, Grow Stronger

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