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HI, I'm Elijah Loving and I am a comic Illustrator, who is obsessed with doing the impossible, providing artists with authentic education and empowerment to give HOPE (Tikvah) to artists from the aspiring to the professional. I'm so excited to share those with you, the art of business with artist/illustrators developing an entrepreneur spirit to your work. By joining this community you will have access to content only found here with the goal to take your work to the next level!! This SubscribeStar Group to help aspiring/professional artists to grow their business mindset and improve their drawings with creativity by crushing a successful mentality that takes them to the next level.
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TikvahMinds | Elijah Loving
Tikvah Inc.  |  Send in you Questions for a Q&A Video

I want to know what questions the community has for my work on illustrations, comic, art, business, art school etc.   Drop your questions in the comments and I plan to post the answers video next week.




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TikvahMinds | Elijah Loving
It's to bad that we all can't be one of the handful of people out there that can draw an idea perfectly the first time.  but the good new is, is that if we keep looking for another way to see our work from another direction it tends to work out in the end!!


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TikvahMinds | Elijah Loving
Goals can be tricky and hard to go after but if they don't excite you its time to make new one to help raise the level of you excitment in what you do.  Also coming up with a list of why can help a great too.




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