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Tim Burt - How To Market Anything
I make commercials that make money. We talk all things marketing and stuff.
Brad Studio
I am a creative involved in photography, videography, martial arts, and more.
TikvahMinds  |  Elijah Loving
Master Creativity & Business at Your Own Pace. TikvahMinds is looking to grow your artistic skills no matter where you are in your journey, no matter how much time you have to work with, no matter your location.  Are you ready to empower yourself with MasterMind workshops, live monthly Round Tables, weekly Drawing Exercises, and Forums?  Join a community that is tearing down the barriers that consistently hold artists/illustrators back from drawing at that NEXT LEVEL exclusively with the Tikvah inc. founder himself: Elijah Loving,  Artist/Illustrator, Professor, Entrepreneur. 
Business Consultant. LIve in Manchester, United Kingdom. Speak Russian/English. Love Business.
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Ryan's Ideas
Hey, I'm Ryan and I come up with businesses ideas and products that you can use for your self. I show you the entire process from idea to research to business formation. Enjoy!
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