Jon Del Arroz
Jon Del Arroz is the Leading Hispanic Voice In Science Fiction, a #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, comic creator, journalist and cultural commentator. Support my art and journalism in the culture war.
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Surrellusion - Circus Octopia
In these early stages i want to regularly upload the base drawings for each panels, but only those which doesn't spoil the story. My goal is to produce a hardcover visual novel with original art and story. I use subscribestar mainly to keep up the self-motivation.
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Exoplanet Z is an animated-ish (some scenes are more animated than others) series from a comic I drew over 10 years ago. It is a fantasy, sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy.
Tales of Eon
The Tales of Eon is a series of fantasy short stories, with some interconnected big events throughout, that take place over thousands of years.
The deep voice you've always wanted.
Daren Gillingham
Science fiction and fantasy writer releasing early access to my books.
This is Falcon, I enjoy writing web novels and the process of creating stories, a universe. Writing has become an important part of my life as I have always been creative/imaginative, and this has become a great outlet for that.
I am writing a novel, titled "The Doom of Helene"
CG and comics artist, writer, elf lover. Author of Fading World graphic novel.
Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror author, freelance artist and animator, podcaster, and variety Twitch streamer.
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I write Choose Your Own Adventure stories and make comics!
Bethany R. Lindell
Author & Artist
Welcome to Galder's world of the Brigade!
Red Culture Entertainment
Thoughts on classic and modern science fiction & fantasy.
Character illustrations and graphic art in a vector style.
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Jim Soufrilas
A content creator working on personal projects, from 3D Animation to Indie Platform games, from Digital Art to Literature, from concept to creation. Hop on to make these worlds a reality and have exclusive access to behind the scenes of how it all comes together, with making of videos, and more.
Inspired by synthwave, fantasy, and a love of 80's media tropes, Darklight is a serial animatic series following a bodacious cast of characters in their struggles against the Void.
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I am a creator who dabbles in making everything from comics, games and fiction.
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Bethellium is a fantasy furry webcomic currently ongoing.
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I'm a digital artist doing mostly fantasy-themed art.
creating Dragons, monsters, and any other miniature tabletop monstrosity.
Two writers writing a fantasy novel with intrigue, betrayal, danger and magic.
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Tall Tales, short stories, smart-alec poetry. Escape the dungeon with me!
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Henry FO
The Nakts stone, is a story of a man that tries to protect a powerfull stone from falling into the wrong hands.
Aesthetika 7 Project
The Aesthetika 7 Project is a multimedia series in development
Legally blind and autistic commentator, reviewer, fiction writer, and photographer
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Rad Loot
Artwork for superior game masters who write blood pumping scenarios for their players
Glenn Lazar Roberts
Books for Men: sci-fi, horror, & social satire.
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Laura Hepworth
I'm a varied artist and a self-published, young adult science fiction and fantasy author. I also create fantasy and historically inspired jewellery and digital illustrations & concept art.
Sketch Knight
A Fine Morning To You, Citizen You Stand Before Sir Sketch Knight, May I Offer A Piece? :D

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