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Writer, wannabe artist, gamer, and animal lover. I'm publishing my fantasy novel here as a monthly serialization!
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-A new chapter of Grim Aria every month

-Discord access

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High Elf

-Discord Access

-A new chapter of Grim Aria every month

-In-depth lore, deleted scenes, alternate ideas, alternate endings, and more

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Demon Lord

-Everything from previous tiers

-Early access to the next chapter of Grim Aria at the end of every month

-Sneak peaks at what I'm working on with GA and other projects

-Bi-monthly streams where I play games or just talk while I answer your questions about GA or anything else

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  • -Discord Access
  • -My undying love and appreciation
  • -Higher tiers gain access to the chapters of Grim Aria and more

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  • Ability to support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
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Your subscription goes directly to helping me pay for food, medication, and other essentials for the two Border Heeler siblings I adopted from a rescue, Maverick and Zephyr. One of my new pups, Zephyr, has a condition known as EPI. His pancreas cannot produce the enzymes needed to digest food so without adding an enzyme powder to each of his meals, he would starve. The medication runs around $100 a month, not to mention he needs better food with added nutrition which is also more expensive. I appreciate every bit pledged as it helps me keep my boys healthy.

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