Hello, I am an Artist that goes by the name of SIE online. I will make tons of things!
Welcome, and thank you for reading this page. I'm just an aspiring author hoping to share my hobby with people who enjoy reading it. The current story of interest is available on RoyalRoad at, with Paranoid Mage and Blue Core being finished!
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210 posts
The Philosopher
An author, blogger, and truth seeker teaching people how to improve themselves and blaze their own path in life.
William's Corner
I'm a self-published author writing fantasy and science fiction novels.
556 subscribers
119 posts
Freelance "furry" artist, writer, and worldbuilder.
37 posts
Primarily for my Comic series: Myths of Sato Valley. Also for anything else.
Production hub for games, fiction, and more!
Michael Kingswood
I write fiction for fun and profit.
I do the stuff but also the things as well
Hermitix Podcast
Hermitix is creating podcasts.
Judith Rose
That ex Dem from TikTok and Twitter! Documenting my wake up to matrix all around us / On a spiritual journey of self discovery, love, and truth
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John C. Wright
Author of unworldly fantasies and high-flying pulp adventure
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"World-class climber and alpinist who lives a life of conflicting desires and identities"
Proximal Flame
For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in writing and science, so combining the two seemed natural. Creator of The Last Angel series.
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Retroreloader - Returnlearn - Heartsmindsmedia
Creating Retro Art, infographics, Books and Games.
Jamie Jackson
Writer. Comic. Multimedia human,
Knight Asher
Writer and artist of the world of Exile series
10 posts
Rosé Black
Hello, I am an online author of sorts. I write primarily horror for Reddit's Nosleep but have also written stories for Deviantart and even have a couple of stories on Wattpad.
My name is Morgana and I am a visual novel developer. I've decided to try to get back into writing regularly. If any of the stories I post gain any popularity, I may adapt them as visual novels or RPGs.
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Sysadmin, IT girl, wordsmith, TV obsessive, pretzel addict.Many keyboards have perished in my pursuit of good stories.
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Tricia Johansson
I'm Tricia Johansson and I'm a 27 years old visual artist and writer. I started this page to fund my projects in art, comic art and writing.
Tom Rose
I am a retired veteran and freelance writer, songwriter and musician living in Riverside, California.
IABC Foundation
This is a page to support the IABC Foundation website where stories about the foundation are made as well as anomolous beings are made and their stories told and what not. Although it's mostly to support the creators if you want to.
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S. C. Coleman (Author)
Hello, if you are already familiar with the work of S. C. Coleman, or new to the things that I post; expect a wide array of topics to be published.
Karen Woodward
I'm a writer, blogger and coffee lover, perhaps not in that order.
John Lee Clemmer
I'm a writer. Podcasts, articles, and exclusive content available via subscription.
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The Tear
The Tear publishes cosmic horror fantasy stories in both the written word and the moving image.
Knight's Congress
Knight's Congress is a free-to-play / free-to-make turn-based boardgame built for both PVP and RPG gameplay. Using a modular system, KC allows players to command a battalion of customizable soldiers led by a powerful knight.
Book Furnace
Videos on writing craft and Science Fiction. Book and movie reviews and discussions, original short stories.

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