Stevenski Brewster
Welcome friends. For those interested in both supporting my work and acquiring original paintings, Subscribe Star is the way to go. There is no long term commitment. You may alter or cancel your subscription at any time. For those who would like to have a portrait made, use the $25, $50, or $100 per month tiers. During your subscription duration at those levels you will receive a complimentary portrait. As well as taking advantage of the 20-30% off of custom commissions and painting purchases. After you have received your portrait and purchases you may cancel or simply alter your level down to the $5 per month to continue your appreciation of my work. For collectors of my work who want multiple paintings, there is no better way to say thank you. Your contributions make it possible for me to restock paint supplies, bring new merchandise for patrons, and continue to grow as an artist. I thank you for your interest.
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