Content creator on YouTube. Music/Designer/Gaming. This page is created to help support and fund for the development in content development and projects I have planned in the upcoming future.
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I create gaming videos and braille lessons. I edit light novels, am a certified UEB braillist, and write.
Baron GRock
Youtube Content.. Join us every Thursday for TableBreakers where we help Game Masters with different aspects of the game.
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ET Templar
Exclusive content for those who want to support ET TEMPLAR
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Live events videography, transport content, vlogs, wildlife and gaming videos.
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Resonant Arc
Long-form podcasts and video essays dissecting the elements of good storytelling in our favorite video games.
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I make challenge runs and perfectionist runs of games on Youtube.
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Indigo Gaming
Indigo Gaming is a solo YouTube project that covers video games through reviews, retrospectives and longform documentaries.
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Game Development Projects, Art, and Music.
Black Shepherd Games
Independent Video Game Developers
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Distorted Illumination Studios
Just a guy who writes anime and gaming related articles, occasionally I also talk about Tabletop RPG's and the random review of some other nerdy thing. My goal is 2-3 articles a week.
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I'm a Twitch Streamer at where I play mostly Mine Craft and Cyberpunk 2077. Looking forward to adding Hytale and Ashes of Creation.
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Joel Yliluoma is an author who publishes videos in YouTube under the name “Bisqwit”, ranging diverse topics from programming to gaming and from cats to religion.
My name Jevf, I make dank edits & I need your support more than ever due to de-monitization. I put many hours into each of my videos and YouTube doesn't pay creators anymore.
Dungeon Weaver
Immersive map packs for DnD 5e
Mr Kami
This is my new way to earn support. Feel free.
Videos about the Final Fantasy series (and possible reviews of other games).
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Content Creator doing whatever he wants
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I make gaming content - Skyrim Builds, Fallout 4 builds. Also some guides, LPs and mod reviews. I care about editing and atmosphere, so it can sometimes get time-consuming.
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Dreamland Alchemy – A Soul's Journey
I love to share virtual worlds and other forms of digital world creations. Exploring creations that make our senses awake to a world of their own.
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I started making videos in May 13, 2012 to have fun and showoff what I can do.
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I am a small content creator on YouTube and Bitchute where I make gaming, news and eventually other types of content. This is being set up in case anyone decides to be generous and contribute to my channels while I try to get them monetized.
Minimal Effort Media
Just a boomer with a wife and 3 kids creating content on the interweb.
I am a strategy game enthusiast and have a lot of let's plays.
4 posts
A floating head that lords over all he sees! Gaming and commentary, art work, and projects from my floating position.
The official subscribe star for Critically Saved.
8 posts
Half Kid Half Dad
A Kid and his Dad playing some fun games and sharing some laughs!
Expert Game Reviews
Expert Game Reviews is a place where you can read honest reviews about indie games and major gaming news. In addition we write content about the games we've been playing since the olden days.
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Dragon ByCampfire
Gaming channels. Starting out with just basic non-commentary gameplay. Learning to edit and put together content. Starting with basic equipment. Looking to use funds to create better content. Welcome to Dragon byCampfire.
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