Tom Oliver
Low poly 3D and game dev guy. Working on bringing a cute little raccoon ninja to life.
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Calling out the game industry one video at a time.
65 posts
Funding-support page for Stitch ( mainly, plus its connected divisions. Stitch is a game-testing platform that connects game-developers with play-testers, where developers reward testers with points, used to acquire premium games, when they submit quality feedback and bug reports.
Shadow Scoundrel
| Shitposter | Gamer | Libertarian |
My name Jevf, I make dank edits & I need your support more than ever due to de-monitization. I put many hours into each of my videos and YouTube doesn't pay creators anymore.
Creating funny gaming content and creative tutorials on audio, video and photo editing, and even offering advice on enterprise IT solutions.
Rex W
If you like what I do. Please consider supporting - Rex
Veteran Based gaming team, using both youtube and mixer as our mediums. MedicRabbit and Jaytown aim to inform, entertain, and interact with everyone that follows and supports us!
1 post
Distorted Illumination Studios
Just a guy who writes anime and gaming related articles, occasionally I also talk about Tabletop RPG's and the random review of some other nerdy thing. My goal is 2-3 articles a week.
14 posts
I make Burnout videos. I'm also a software developer and make modding tools.
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gaming channel
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Hello. My Name is Henrik. I am from Austria. I play Overwatch, and make Highlights-Reels out of my Play-Sessions. Other Times I inform you about Free Games that are currently available, regurgitate Gaming-News and Unbox some Stuff too.
I stream speedruns and casual gameplay.
Joel Yliluoma is an author who publishes videos in YouTube under the name “Bisqwit”, ranging diverse topics from programming to gaming and from cats to religion.
I perform art/entertainment through cinematography on music, gaming, philosophy, theology, physical training and other activities. YouTube is my preferred platform at the moment. Here's my channel
7 Bizarre Lane
I am a gaming-focused YouTuber aspiring to play all the top games released throughout the year. I also strive to better myself and my content. So why not SUBSCRIBE and join me on this journey.
Romanian Reaver
Gaming Youtube with no real filter overall that does gaming critique videos every month or so and is all around a royal asshole with a heart of gold.
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Ujimasa Hojo
Gaming and Modding Channel
I would like to thank you for supporting all the hard work I put into creating videos for you on YouTube
Borosa Media Group
Creating Comics, Podcasts, and Gaming Experinces
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2 posts
Mass Effect nerd with a penchant for finding hilarious bugs. Please support my channel so I can keep making cool content. Thanks so much!
Welcome to HiDdeN SQuiDZ! I am a independent content creator of guides, lets plays, and analytical videos.
Couch BroTato Gaming
We are a group of spuds who get together for your gaming enjoyment! If you're here, we greatly appreciate your support, and will do our best to listen to feedback and improve the overall quality of our content! We hope you enjoy!
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CrackedPoet Gaming
I honestly just want to show gaming videos on my page. i play a lot of mobile games and when I get a gaming laptop I will then go forward with PC gaming more. I can play some PC games but not everything.
1 post
Queer, disabled adult just doing their best!
Livestreamer up for gaming challenges, chilling and giving virtual cookies. Videos, music covers and drawings are also a thing I can do.
I make challenge runs and perfectionist runs of games on Youtube.
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Black Shepherd Games
Independent Video Game Developers
7 subscribers
61 posts
Dragon ByCampfire
Gaming channels. Starting out with just basic non-commentary gameplay. Learning to edit and put together content. Starting with basic equipment. Looking to use funds to create better content. Welcome to Dragon byCampfire.
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Deeveeaar is a internet activist devoted to fight scams.We work with a team of grey hat hackers and prank callers to stop these cyber criminals and make a difference all while entertaining you all and bringing awareness about scams and fraud.
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