Hi, you've reached OrinEsque subscribeStar page. I make based mods for BG3. If you wish to keep up with updates or simply support my work. Feel free to subscribe!
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The Basic Expert
I'm making old school pen and paper RPG content and games.
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Supplementary materials for tabletop RPG's.
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Welcome to Galder's world of the Brigade!
DigitalAlucard on YouTube
Whether it's YouTube, X, TikTok or Rumble, DigitalAlucard or Alucard for short is a small content creator working for the sole purpose of survival. You will see Reviews of various products, see gaming content as well as plenty of rants. On occasion I will provide commentary on the more thought provoking kind.
creating 'Infinite Stars', an amare sci-fi visual novel.
The place to directly support Rdriver Tankery. Everything Tanks and the game War Thunder. Reg videos' on the game and everything tank with related heavy machinery. Not a celebration of war but an ode to the machines that men waged it in.
The Chill Gamer
Video Gamer
7 posts
Miss Cannabis
I'm a Female Gamer/Streamer. I love interacting with my viewers and welcome anyone to join in my daily gaming streams,convos, and any future upcoming events!ALL SUBSCRIBERS will recieve a special invite to our discord server! TYSM
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I'm Fornax, The Krytan Herald and I make YouTube gaming content with a focus on Guild Wars 2.
This page is used to support my visual novel 'The Butterfly Effect'. There will be updates to it all year long. This is a HUGE project and I'm doing it solo, so any sort of support will be greatly appreciated.
Hey there! My name is Justin, I make videos about video games, game design and development, game server hosting, and music production. Your support helps me work independently on my video, music, and dedicated server development.
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I make gaming YouTube videos. Exlusive content and oppurtunites will be available only to subscribe star subs.
Giant Sword Podcast
We produce a JRPG focused podcast and are looking to branch out a little bit. For example some YouTube videos or Live Streaming. If you enjoy our content and would like to support us, subscribing here would be your best option!
I stream gaming content and make videos about popular media like film, television series, and comic books.
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Resonant Arc
Long-form podcasts and video essays dissecting the elements of good storytelling in our favorite video games.
18 subscribers
125 posts
Black Shepherd Games
Independent Video Game Developers
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Distorted Illumination Studios
Just a guy who writes anime and gaming related articles, occasionally I also talk about Tabletop RPG's and the random review of some other nerdy thing. My goal is 2-3 articles a week.
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I make challenge runs and perfectionist runs of games on Youtube.
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Indigo Gaming
Indigo Gaming is a solo YouTube project that covers video games through reviews, retrospectives and longform documentaries.
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BinaryConstruct is creating open source software, including TEdit, the Terraria Map Editor.
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The best place for my viewers to support me.
Kaldaran Empire
The Kaldaran Empire is a gaming community/clan offering tournaments, organized events, in-game help, steam and social media promotion and more.
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I'm on the path of proving to my organization [REDACTED] that I am worthy of running my own division! From my command center, I am testing the waters on all streaming platforms to see which one provides me the strongest signal.
RuFF STuFF / Gamer Disconnect
Ready to join the hottest StarCraft 2 Club? You ready to disconnect from the Matrix gamers!? Gamer Disconnect is branded to bring you informational content that is meant to help gamers improve their lives mentally, physically, and financially.
I'm a Twitch Streamer at where I play mostly Mine Craft and Cyberpunk 2077. Looking forward to adding Hytale and Ashes of Creation.
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Joel Yliluoma is an author who publishes videos in YouTube under the name “Bisqwit”, ranging diverse topics from programming to gaming and from cats to religion.
My name Jevf, I make dank edits & I need your support more than ever due to de-monitization. I put many hours into each of my videos and YouTube doesn't pay creators anymore.
DataBlinx Gaming Channel
I'm primary a gaming channel that plays video games new or old from the PS4 to the classic NES
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