Hello! Welcome to my subscribestar page! If you stumbled across my page, then you probably have seen me either play games on twitch or post dumb videos on youtube. (Or you have seen my twitter posts, and if so please check out my real content). I created this page because I enjoy streaming and creating content for you guys, and would like to be able to do it more often. However, that means cutting down time spent on other activities, mainly my full time job. To do that and continue to keep my lights on, I would need another reliable source of income. And since my onlyfans didnt work out, I am here now. So, what can you expect from subscribing? Well, you will get access to an exculsive text and voice chat in my discord server. You will also get access to video ideas, scripts, and updates in my video making process. Finally, you will get my undying graditude. I know that sounds cliche, but the fact that you would want to donate to help me continue doing what I love means the world and more to me, so thank you.
Hi everyone! I am Charlotte but people call me Char, Charlie or Charizard. I started streaming back in 2012. I love derping my way through games with my community. I also make YouTube videos.
YouTube and Twitch Entertainer and Content Creator

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