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I'm a Twitch Streamer at where I play mostly Mine Craft and Cyberpunk 2077. Looking forward to adding Hytale and Ashes of Creation.
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Thank You so much for your subscription. It is truly appreciated.

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Look for Beck Altarr on Youtube!

@BeckAltarr on Gab and Minds too.

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My "gaming" PC was pretty decent when I built it. Years ago. i6700k CPU and a Gforce 980 Vid Card. Yeah, it's out dated. I want to build a new gaming PC and convert my current one into a streaming PC so that I can stream better. This also covers a couple new monitors as I play currently on a regular LG TV. My goal is a new AMD gaming system. I'd also like to get a really good server host as I currently run my Minecraft server off my PC. It's ok, but not as good as it could be. This would help cover a years worth of server fees.

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