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Artist and Student at the AnimationAcademy in Burbank CA Hi there! The names Wormychan or Michael and I'm going to be creating quality content. If you want to support me well you came to the right place!
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The Good Samaritan

Thanks for supporting me with a simple dollar! Really something as small as one dollar really helps, Thank you! You also get access to be notified when new stuff comes out!

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The Farmer

Whoa five big ones! Thank you so much this really helps get my feet up and helps me make more art for you! Thank You! You Get access to New upcoming things, my 30min art videos, and any special videos!

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Refined yes, that's you and you neat fez hat. Thank You! You gain access to the above tiers plus being able to see videos a week before they come out, videos on my creative process, full art videos on my art start to finish!

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Gem Merchant

That's you, the gem merchant thank you for your contributions! Also you get a get a simple commission from me every month! (please read the post about Commissions!) (You also get all previous tiers as well!)

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Rare Spices Merchant

Wow that's a lot of cash! thank you so much, this wont go unnoticed! You get a full commission from me every month! Yes its full Color and background! (please read the info on Commisions) (You get all previous tiers as well!)



  • You will be getting access to videos and insight on my process to making my art, Tutorials, Commisions and art that i normally dont post anywhere else!
  • Your Donations help me focus far more on my art then i would normally be able to do, hence letting me do it more often instead of part time!
  • You guys get to have a say in future ventures! Polls, Suggestions and all sorts of neat thing to come in the future!

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This amount would really help me in cutting down expenses! Things like rent and food you know normal stuff! Really helps and lets me work more on my art instead of spending so much time working part time/full time. Thank You!


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