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I am RubidiumMoon aka Ruby/Rubi. I am a streamer and content creator. You will get access to exclusive content and early access content as well as other random things down the line.
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You are now a member of the Ruby Recruits a special task force ranked above the Ruby Rangers.

By becoming a Ruby Recruit you are supporting my content. There may be perks in the future, but the primary purpose is to give you the option to support me if you want to. You will also get a Discord role to acknowledge your contributions.

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  • The option to support me since I'm no longer a Twitch Affiliate.
  • There may be perks later, but for now this is simply for those who
  • wish to support my content.

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I unironically love my new background. It's not too complicated. It has silhouettes of things that I like and text in the background and the look to me is aesthetically pleasing. We got Skyrim, MLP, DC, Percy Jackson, and the oboe (the music instrument I used to play). It has my gaming side, my gayish side, my nerd side, and my trollish side :D
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