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Comics, games, and more.
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Here's where I ask you for money and you politely say "No, thanks!" If you did happen to subscribe by mistake, then you'll be funding all of the things we do on and - playing mobile and PC games, tech reviews, DIY nonsense, gear upgrades, etc. We also do subscriber-only contests and giveaways, private livestreams, and take requests for content. Want to see a specific game or piece of tech? Then check out the tiers and choose wisely! 100% of the funds raised here will go directly back to the channel - either to fund contests/giveaways or for game purchases/upgrades/tech reviews (and we will give some of those away as well).
Sollusion Games
Hey there! I am an individual with a passion for games.I'd love to be able to develop my own games and make many people enjoy what I create.
Freelance Artist, Content Creator with big worlds and dreams on the horizon.
Ordinary Guy outside; Game and Anime Geek inside
Art, videos, anime, furries and more.
Independent creator of RPG content and investigator of existing systems.
Cosmo Canyon Observatory
I create in-depth analysis & discussion videos covering Final Fantasy and other games (well, just FFVII Remake for now).
Best Guy Ever
I'm the best boy and I make the best shiz.
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Blake Beard
Just a gamer playing his favorite games
15 posts
I actually only wear one pair of glasses, Usually.
Charles Doctor
Currnently a Bitchute Gamer. Former Youtube Gamer. Business founded in October 2015. For Business Inquiry: [email protected]
ChockrickBear Gaming
In-depth game reviews and opinions on the design of gameplay and the meaning of stories.
Sinless gaming
Support the sinless gaming and programming team, we will take your advice and maybe even feature it into a game!
Martynas Domeika
As you probably already know, I am a game developer, bloger, novelist, youtube video creator, healthy nut, philosopher and more many things, funny lad included.
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