VNDB is a community-run database about visual novels.
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Animated Dungeon Maps
I'm creating animated battle maps for D&D and other tabletop games
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Hello! It's Keith Here from ChibiAkumasI produce retro games and programming tutorials for old 8 and 16 bit systems (and more!)
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Quarantine Games
My dream job is to create high quality video game entertainment videos. If I reach my goal I will quit my job and work on create entertaining videos for you full time I'll catalog and report all man hour spent on projects and having meeting with supporters. I would be starting this as a small business and treating it as such.
I'm creating HD textures and mods for Skyrim.
Pre-debut trillionaire.Visit to view all of my social media accounts, streaming platforms, and alternate financial support pages on one page.
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Néotl Empire
Game Developer & Staffing Agency
Letsplay and gameplay videoes of various games and possible interview with viewers, while we play a game together
Freelance Artist, Animator, 3D designer, Content Creator with big worlds and dreams on the horizon.
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Modding & creating my favorite video games is my passion.
i'm a transmasc streamer and artist! Nice to meet everyone, and I hope you enjoy the content!
Dragao Mascarado
Youtuber e Criador de Conteúdo !
Comics, games, and more.
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Pixel Bamboo Software
Pixel Bamboo Software is an Independent Games Developer based in the UK. Developing and publishing games for the Nintendo Switch.
Best Guy Ever
I'm the best boy and I make the best shiz.
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Seafood Dinner
I provide art and game development content for all to view progress of any upcoming works I will make, as well as provide access to demos and wip for supporters to play and provide feedback with!
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Catch all account for multimedia relating to my fictional universe, the Kolldrunn, Music, Art, Game Assets, and other stuff. Come on in! There's lots of goodies! :D
Strongfinger Games
Fallen Angel – Hell Survival is a First Person Survival Game in development for the PC. Set in Hell you play as a She-Devil with amnesia sent to hell from the heavens for reasons unknown. There you must survive your imprisonment. Scavenge, Mine, Hunt, Fight, Craft and Build yourself a base to protect you from enemies. Every night you will be hunted by almost undefeatable Tormented Souls. That’s why building a shelter will be essential. When the game is finished, you will have a progressive means of gradually discovering a way to defeat Baphomet and escape hell with a portal you construct.
The Official SubscribeStar account for WCBs
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I make things, sometimes.
Hey all you Gamer Gremlins! ATN is gonna play some old, broken games. Come and watch! If you like what you found on my other sites and you would like to support me you can donate to me here. Thanks! You can find me at: BitChute/ StageDoodyBits YouTube/ StageDoodyVids Discord/ StageDoodyDiscussion Twitch/ StageDoodyStreamer Twitter/ StageDoodyTweet Minds/ StageDoodyMinds Parler/ StageDoodyParlon Gab/ StageDoodyGab
Solo Video Game developer creating amazing full and mini game concepts including CCG's. Support my channel and video game development by a developer that chooses PLAYERS over payers.
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Artist, Game Designer
Creating games at the crossroad of the tragic and the darkly comedic.
Grinding.Zone is Path of Exile fun site and online loot filter editor. If you like the site, you can support it to keep growing and adding new exciting features.
Here's where I ask you for money and you politely say "No, thanks!" If you did happen to subscribe by mistake, then you'll be funding all of the things we do on and - playing mobile and PC games, tech reviews, DIY nonsense, gear upgrades, etc. We also do subscriber-only contests and giveaways, private livestreams, and take requests for content. Want to see a specific game or piece of tech? Then check out the tiers and choose wisely! 100% of the funds raised here will go directly back to the channel - either to fund contests/giveaways or for game purchases/upgrades/tech reviews (and we will give some of those away as well).
ChockrickBear Gaming
In-depth game reviews on the design of gameplay and the meaning of stories.
Blake Beard
Just a gamer playing his favorite games
47 posts
I actually only wear one pair of glasses, Usually.
I'm an artist, writer and game developer just wanting to make stuff.

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