Mobile Suit Breakdown
Mobile Suit Break is a weekly Gundam podcast, digging deep into the real world history, culture, science, and lore that inspired the iconic anime franchise - for new fans, old fans, and not yet fans.
Cupid AA Club
I'm very passionate about what I do, take pride in all of my projects whether its on my Animations or Audios, and working with what I love to do the most. Besides from work, I love to travel, read, cook, playing games, quality family time, and of course, drinking way too much tea.
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Hello, my name is Jason Dube. I am a hard working freelance comic book artist & self publisher for my own indie comic book label.
Jay Sketchum
I draw cartoon, comic, manga, and anime related things.
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Amateur Artist.The desire to imitate and surpass those whose art I view highly is my reason for drawing. I also want to make someone feel the wonder I feel when I see anime stylized art as exciting and moving.
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Distorted Illumination Studios
Just a guy who writes anime and gaming related articles, occasionally I also talk about Tabletop RPG's and the random review of some other nerdy thing. My goal is 2-3 articles a week.
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Sup, Nozzi-Chan here. History-Oriented Dingus who loves videogames and anime. Do you like Let's Plays? Do you like Reviews? Do you like Reaction Videos where the guy watching is actually an animated and engaged individual?
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Best Guy Ever
I'm the best boy and I make the best shiz.
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Video Content Creator. Mostly focused on Girls Frontline, Memes, Guns, Anime/Weeb content, and more!
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Frenetic Memories
Working on an original voice-acted +sound fx manga Will be doing videos about anime, tv shows, & movies on the side (Monday and Thursday)
I'm Zach, AKA Luffyiscool. I'm a YouTube reactor who also dabbles in other interesting things.
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Percy Onii-chan
Hobbyist animator, writer, and artist for over 10 years.
I'm an freelance artist who draws cartoon/anime/video game fanart, and mermaids~
i love anime and memes
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Hey guys Zer0 here! I create tutorials, vlogs, and discussion videos about anime.
We make da KHANTEHNT!
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Legally blind and autistic commemntator, review fiction writer and phootographer
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Chrome Gear Illustration
Working hard to be a badass mecha artist 🙂!!!
Jono Funk - The Arctic Seraph
The eternal optimist who indulges in escapism and caffeine! Formerly known as Cold Coffee Gamer.
Lizz Robinett
I sing stuff!
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An aspiring artist/illustrator~
Hello! Welcome to my page! I aspire to become an idol and hope to perform at major venues in Japan.
Last Knight of Aelder
I make a webcomic.
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A creator interested in producing works around the subject of Anime. Whether it be through podcasts, video content and illustrations.
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Hello, I’m PhilthyTurtle! I am a professional perler artist, I make and create various custom pieces of physical pixel art using melty beads. I’ve made everything from small projects like keychains and necklaces, to stands and large wall art.
Tava Yachi Entertainment
Tava Yachi Entertainment is a small studio making indie games.
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Analog Drift
I make videos reviewing and analyzing TV, movies, anime, books, and pretty much anything fictional (about 2 per month; 4 in October for Horror Month).
InfinityArk LLC Making independent games and animation current project: Constancy Roa

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