I'm a 28 year old black male that does vector art, music, and sprite animation as a hobby. This SubscribeStar is made for early access and previews of my upcoming works on sprite art, music, and sprite animations.
Exoplanet Z is an animated-ish (some scenes are more animated than others) series from a comic I drew over 10 years ago. It is a fantasy, sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy.
We, Moonliightartist, are avid fans of manga and anime! So, we're aiming to create our own series: "Awaiting Death with Disease-chan!" Furthermore, we intend to post fancomics of some of our favorite franchises!
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Hello, my name is Cole Morrow aka Bold King Cole; Creator of LuckoDaStars. I am a Studio Level Voice Actor, Upcoming Animator with his own team, and a video gamer.
DDEX (Dino-Defenders Extreme)
If you're a fan of unique storytelling and wish to support a vision that honours old school sci-fi movies, then this is the project for you!
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Local rat man makes Godforsaken animated shitposts.
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Howdy folks, my name is Oleg, I'm a Russian-speaking Latvian. My purpose of being mostly consists of drawing web comics, character illustrations and making time-lapsed drawing videos of my artwork.
Me Me Meme
If you're looking for political animations, you've come to the right place. My humor as well as my politics is off center. For samples of my work, check out my YouTube channel under Me Me Meme.I hope you enjoy.
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Fil Barlow
Cartoonist, animator who worked on some animated TV shows you might know.
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Cupid AA Club
I'm very passionate and love creating content. You'll get the best of both worlds from both Cupid Animations and Cupid Audios. Welcome to Cupid AA Club!
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Rizmy's busker bin
I make comics and artworks, but would love to do animations, and films full time.
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Wiki World Order
( Independent research and multimedia to collaboratively outgrow the corporate-industrial complex. You can support my software at
I am a mostly self taught artist / animator. Enjoy!
Mainly publishing digital illustrations and animated videos. May also involve time-lapsed process videos, traditional illustrations or requested tutorials.
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Mick Angel
I make Comics, Cartoons, and Illustration, streamed live on Twitch!
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Neko Boy
DJ creating remixes, original tracks, and sexy animations~
Sean Coakley
2D animation, Digital Art, and Hard Rock music
I'm passionate about cartoons and comics and want to make all sorts of stuff for people like me to enjoy!
I'm a filmmaker who uses practical effects puppets, miniatures, and animation to tell mature sci-fi, horror, and fantasy stories. Here, you will see my storyboards, builds, and uncensored material.
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We poke fun at culture, politics, and each other because we all need to laugh at the absurdity that has become the NWO.
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Fernando Bresciano
I am translating deep ideas into illustrations, animations and interactive diagrams.
JMAS aniamtion studio
I had the idea of making an animated film for my kids. I entered the enchanted world of computer graphics. So far I have made about thirty short, 3 - 4 minute animations.
Illustrator, animator, cartoonist. Based in Serbia.
I produce Orthodox Christians cartoons and comics for all who enjoy family-friendly entertainment with a spiritual message.
The White Box Studio
Animations, illustrations, and pinups.
Phil The Unspoken Hero
I'm an amateur content creator with a dream to make it big in the world and inspire people. What I specialize in is Writing, Voice Acting (learning), graphic design(learning), and video/audio editing/production (learning). I wish to inspire everyone
ZeroRaptor Studios
Welcome to my SubscribeStar page! I am ZeroRaptor, an aspiring artist and video gamer. Feel free to donate whatever amount you feel like. Thank you for your humble contributions!
VXRabbit | (̨̡ ◺˰◿ )̧̢(̨̡ :.Ꙭ.:)̢̢
I am an artist, content creator and student animator.
Independent animation
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I am an artist! 🤕
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