DDEX (Dino-Defenders Extreme)
If you're a fan of unique storytelling and wish to support a vision that honours old school sci-fi movies, then this is the project for you!
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Bible Animations
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Illustrator| Comic Artist
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Mainly publishing digital illustrations and animated videos. May also involve time-lapsed process videos, traditional illustrations or requested tutorials.
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I make animations and YTPs on YouTube and art on Instagram.
Jane Koyama
Digital artist, comic creator, and indie game developer
Exoplanet Z is an animated-ish (some scenes are more animated than others) series from a comic I drew over 10 years ago. It is a fantasy, sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy.
I'm a filmmaker who uses practical effects puppets, miniatures, and animation to tell mature sci-fi, horror, and fantasy stories. Here, you will see my storyboards, builds, and uncensored material.
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Saber Collie Studios
Saber Collie Studios is an independent creative production studio owned and operated by cartoonist and animator Light Lux Collie. Generating comics, art, animations, and more. :)
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Local rat man makes Godforsaken animated shitposts.
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We, Moonliightartist, are avid fans of manga and anime! So, we're aiming to create our own series: "Awaiting Death with Disease-chan!" and others. Furthermore, we intend to post fancomics of some of our favorite franchises!
Howdy folks, my name is Oleg, I'm a Russian-speaking Latvian. My purpose of being mostly consists of drawing web comics, character illustrations and making time-lapsed drawing videos of my artwork.
I'm a 28 year old black male that does vector art, music, and sprite animation as a hobby. This SubscribeStar is made for early access and previews of my upcoming works on sprite art, music, and sprite animations.
Art & Animations
silly nonsense
YouTube critique and analysis videos on video games, movies, shows, and comic books.
Red Sofa Animation
We create animation, webcomics, and comicbooks
Tama's Last Life
A cat that lost all it's lives. Now down to it's very last one. I want live my last life to the fullest. Will you join me on my last journey? Join me on my journey as a virtual streamer~!
Studio Y.G.Krow is making independent animated films, shorts, show pitches and more!
I'm CorpseApple. I make art. I make monsters.
LoneStar Productions
I currently produce animations from Source Filmmaker but am currently expanding to other mediums and other programs.
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Cooking With Venom
I am a cartoonist, internet deep diver and video creator! I do a lot of stuff, so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!
Inspired by synthwave, fantasy, and a love of 80's media tropes, Darklight is a serial animatic series following a bodacious cast of characters in their struggles against the Void.
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Ricky's Silly Spoofs
Exclusive Content for Ricky's Ratskateers, Ricky is known for his animated show and comic, find him on youtube at Ricky Rat Comcis
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Digital Illustration, Comics, Animations, and other dumb ideas
This is the second option for supporting the channel.
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InfinityArk LLC Making independent games and animation current project: Constancy Roa
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I draw comics, make 3d visuals and illustrations. My personal website I wish to bring my comic into reality and become a better story teller.
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Magnus Idea House
hello! i'm Niko dreagist an artist and video-game development hobbyist looking to improve! any and all suggestions are welcomed
Animations and Sketches!

Featured Stars

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