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Juko The10Tails
Im a gaming and animation content creator who plays both new and old games alike, from AAA games to indie to flash games. Basically what ever I feel like playing or that gets suggested, within reason. Juko is a character that I created that is now the bases for my online persona. https://pillar.io/jukothe10tails
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Basic/Mortal Teir

This is mainly to help support my channel, which intern helps support my family, but you still get something.

  • Early access to my videos (coming soon, soon as I find the best, free, way to go about it without hurting the video)
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Demon/Angle Teir

For this tier, you get;

  • ​the same as the previous
  • Uncensored and supporter exclusive videos (date unknown, soon as I figure out what that could actually be)
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Juko The10Tails

I'm backthis is late, but this is a test

Posted for $5, $10 tiers
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