Compass Training Center AZ
Firearms training for EVERYONE! "Know Your Direction!
Gear Report Outdoor Gear Reviews
Trusted reviews of outdoors and sports gear since 2009
Applied Defense Concepts
All things personal-defense. Empty-Hand, Edged Weapons, Firearms, and Awareness.
Hunting Spots NZ
Here at hunting spots our goal is to show you where to hunt, allow you to plan out your trip and share your intentions with friends and family.Check it out at
Mike Lindsay Firearms
My name is Mike Lindsay and I'm a journalist specialising in firearms and shooting sport. I'm an active Libertarian and campaign for fair shooting legislation based on fact rather than knee jerk reaction.
2 subscribers
24 posts
TFBTV is one of the only channels on YouTube that does not charge manufacturers for reviews. The story of The Firearm Blog starts in 2007 when it began as a blog with one rule: "Guns, Not Politics". In January 2015, we launched TFBTV.
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