Rizmy's busker bin profile
Rizmy's busker bin
Rizmy's busker bin
Hello, this is a monthly subscription bin to help support me in my endeavors to create and publish comics, artworks, animations, and films full time. You don't have to donate every month, but any bit of help would be appreciated.
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There's really nothing to add, I'll put your name on the credits of my upcoming high committment works I guess.

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Trustees would be people I'd be comfortable sharing work in progress stuff such as scripts and future plans with. This tier is only open to those who are committed to giving feedback and criticism (the criticism part is why it's at $50). Your name will be put on my high profile works in BOLD LETTERS (if that means anything), though this doesn't make you a producer, I get the final say on my posts in the end.

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  • This is where the seeds are planted to grow cool stuff in the future like art and comics.. and art.

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Rizmy's busker bin
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Hello, this is the beginning of this profile.
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