Bert Cole (aka Bit By Bit Sound)
I make Royalty Free Music for people to use in their projects, whether it be video games, podcasts or videos.
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With native origins hailing from the Pacific Northwest Advocate officially kicked off his song writing and recording journey from the tender age of 12. Emcee and prolific songwriter at heart his influence is from the Psalms of David to the Clark Sisters, Paul Wilbur E-40, Tupac, GRITS and Outkast. I compose songs for those that are have felt like the underdog and wrestle with imposter syndrome, self sabotage, self limiting beliefs, procrastination, mislabelling by authority figures, those that have been broken, hurt, violated or scorn by life. I write and Advocate for all those listeners that desire to be reinvigorated with a message of life hope and a greater future found in a thriving and vibrant love relationship with their Creator and Designer.
MT Music
Music. Life.
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The Richter
I am a musician, music producer, artist/cartoonist and video content creator. My interests of styles vary but my focus is mainly on music, art and video content.
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comics, illustrations and music
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An ambitious communicational experiment, right between Chaos and Order™
Billy Watson TV
Scottish writer and performer.
32 days
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The Dark Priest
I'm a freelance musician who composes a variety of different musical styles.
Lex DeVille
Subscribe for course-quality freelance, copywriting, psychology, NLP, hypnosis, supervillainy, and entrepreneurship content.
I create Original beats, Riddims and Reggae Music.
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Mind colors
Inedit song, music videos, and cover arts for the song available in the internet by me
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Animator, Music Composer, Transcription, Game Artist.
Jennifer Jess
Creating Music and Community
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YouTube videos & Twitch streams!
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DIY Musician and Composer. Original Compositions. Narration, Aesthetics and the History of Ideas are other topics of interest. WELCOME!
Eclectic Signal
Individual songwriter and producer. I write industrial style rock and metal music. Looking to grow my audience with your help I'll be able to release my album.
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J-Hustle a.k.a. imreddi
EFlex Music
Freelance Music Composer and Producer. I make music about my favorite games and make soundtracks for media. I'm mainly on YouTube and post my work there and on most major music platforms!
The Telly
Christian Radio for people who want better Christian radio
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Tomoe Todosan
I'm a Freelance General 3D Artist who has Big Dreams of owning my own anomation studio and production house
Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne is a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket. More info at
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Metal Dinosaur
Scottish Musician and Multi-media Author
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Samael Senja
Bali-based Music Producer and Dj, Pizza lover, Bang & Bounce, Baliner, Jakarta Jazz Monster.
Charles McDonald
Music from singer and songwriter Charles McDonald
Natasha Devine
Art, Music, Writings and Media with a Message.
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Art | Original Music | DIY | Help support Isamolle to make original music and art. Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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Hot Sauce Reviews
We have been around since 1999, reviewing pop culture stuff without much care to PC culture, propriety, and commercial interests.
Covers of Video Game, Anime, and Pop Culture music to use on streams or to vibe to!
Your support is appreciated.
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