Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne is a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket. More info at
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Level Up Your Guitar
Hi! I'm AJ Hanson from I am here to teach you guitar lessons!
Dangerous INFO Podcast
Welcome to the Dangerous INFO Podcast where we talk culture, politics and survival.
Musical Parodies and political commentary
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Eclectic Signal
Individual songwriter and producer. I write industrial style rock and metal music. Looking to grow my audience with your help I'll be able to release my album.
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Hiya! I'm 020 SAR-IA, and I am developing a videogame called SUPERVOID! I do 3D modeling, music, game development, and much more!
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I Publish music video reactions that are blocked on YouTube as well as gameplay videos because of YouTube's policies
Brett Vachon - Fingerstyle Guitar
Get easy access to all my tutorials
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Vile Unwashed Scum
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Aspiring singer trying to hone skills and begin a solo career.
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McRoMusic releases weekly fantasy inspired music to use during your tabletop gaming sessions!
Mariano Pastorelli Drummer
Hello folks and welcome in my new Subscribestar! Here you can find everything for our loved “beaten” instrument, from transcriptions to studio recordings…and of course requests are welcome! Stay tuned!
Marcus “X” Seaton
Pro American Pro FREEDOM Musician I sing write and play guitar and speak my mind.
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The music of Split Pea
You have permission to use Split Pea music for personal and/or commercial use under the following terms:   Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests that Split Pea endorses you or your use.   Music: Split Pea   Bandcamp: Licence:
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Bruce Guitar
Bruce Guitar is a dedicated Springsteen guitar teaching channel on Youtube. Our mission is to great the best Springsteen guitar lessons in the world!
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EFlex Music
Freelance Music Composer and Producer. I make music about my favorite games and make soundtracks for media. I'm mainly on YouTube and post my work there and on most major music platforms!
Hey there! My name is Justin, I make videos about video games, game design and development, game server hosting, and music production. Your support helps me work independently on my video, music, and dedicated server development.
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Independent multidisciplinary artist. My works are free, this page is for those who wish to honor my continuous production with a financial gift. For commissions seek me directly.
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Jon Graham
I create video episodes of various web series (including Arby 'n' the Chief) of various genres (comedy, drama, horror), music and streams.
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Content creator on YouTube. Music/Designer/Gaming. This page is created to help support and fund for the development in content development and projects I have planned in the upcoming future.
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Current Events, The Human Condition, and the Bizarre
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Kirby The Gee
Covers of Video Game, Anime, and Pop Culture music to use on streams or to vibe to!
The CMS Network
We will keep people up to date on all shows related to The CMS Podcast Network and it's shows. Exclusive content for subscribers will be posted from shows from time to time.
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Atulah is rock music from Ann Arbor, a town known for producing such musicians as Iggy Pop, Commander Cody, Brownsville Station and Bob Seger. Formerly known as The Famous Hungarians, we perform original classic rock which is an organic raw form of progressive. Led by songwriter and producer Albert Kakoczky, formerly of The Time Flies, The Famous Hungarians and The Seeing Eye Lemmings. We have two new albums- Fake Blonde and Untrained Vines. We are seeking help to finance our next projects, which include new Atulah albums and a reissue of the Seeing Eye Lemmings.
Outdoor, wilderness cello performance. Music Inspires Music enables all of life; our struggles, our highs, our lows. It carries us forward on a river of sound, so beautiful yet so real. Emulating our own lives. All the voices of the world in glorious song.
God-fearing Industrial Metal
Illustration and comic book art, mostly in the fantasy and horror genres.
The Official Subscribestar Page of Bennie Noble. Live, Animated, Worldwide!
Hi !I am DJ/Remixer music genere of House/Bass House/Future HouseI send my latest mixes to youtube and soundcloudand I broadcast live 3 days a week on YouTube and Twitch
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