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Freelance Music Composer and Producer. I make music about my favorite games and make soundtracks for media. I'm mainly on YouTube and post my work there and on most major music platforms!
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Dunno why I put this here! If you are here, I LOVE YOU! Thank you!

EFlex Music
Welcome to my SubscribeStar! This is just a donation avenue to help support me! I will use any donations I get to improve my music education and quality! It would be my thanks to you, if you donate. This is a non-GateKeeping donation avenue, meaning nothing will be exclusively released here, there will be no early listens to my music, etc. You won't get anything super special, just my thanks! Maybe in the future I might add some tiers that will offer some stuff, but that's in the future! Thanks for supporting and listening to my music even if you don't donate! You mean the world to me! #MusicIsUnbreakable


  • This page will have NO GATEKEEPING ATTACHED.
  • Strictly just voluntary donations.
  • I can give you my thanks for your donation and it will help me improve my music quality!

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