Creator of high quality 40K tribute videos 40k news info and aspiring voice actor.
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The Monastery
I'm Mildra, a self-styled "gaming monk" who hosts the Monastery Live podcast.
Hello, my name is Cole Morrow aka Bold King Cole; Creator of LuckoDaStars. I am a Studio Level Voice Actor, Upcoming Animator with his own team, and a video gamer.
Get weekly release date videos with trailers for new video games releasing for the coming weeks. I cover Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and PC games. This subscribestar is an option for those who want my channel to grow and offer more and better content.
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Bunny Trail Junction
I make a webcomic and publish children's books, videogames, and videos
Youtube Content CreatorTwitch Streamer
We are creating Edengrall a farm sim game inspired by titles like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory
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Doruma (ドルマ)
Webnovel Writer and Voice Actor

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