The place to directly support Rdriver Tankery. Everything Tanks and the game War Thunder. Reg videos' on the game and everything tank with related heavy machinery. Not a celebration of war but an ode to the machines that men waged it in.
Anthony and Kathleen Patch
Creating Educational Broadcasting and Publishing
Code Monkeys
๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ Learn to Code like a Monkey by joining the Code Monkeys community!!! ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ We create videos, tutorials, blog posts, etc. to help others learn about code and other tech related topics! ๐Ÿ” PGP Fingerprint: B7E6 FB94 A589 876C CFC2 1E4B 1E07 E75C 19F1 AE0E
Joel Yliluoma is an author who publishes videos in YouTube under the name โ€œBisqwitโ€, ranging diverse topics from programming to gaming and from cats to religion.
Infoonity creates information security awareness content.
Keep up to date with the latest news in tech, science, and space with SocialTechTV from Studio64 Podcasts!Hit subscribe and check the bell for notifications when a new story drops!#socialtechtv | #studio64podcasts
Hey I make videos about what interests me. That includes things like Marvel, Star Wars, The Orville, Photography and a library of technical videos on Windows, VMWare, AWS and PowerShell.
Controversy, opinions, no f*cks given.
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With over a decade of experience helping readers choose the right portable devices, weโ€™re one of the oldest publications devoted exclusively to mobile technology.
Cryptic Hybrid
The best kept secret in gaming coverage.
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Perkedel Technologies
Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!
Ina O' Murchu
Technologies Impacting Society
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The nervous system and brain are being decoded and digitized. Together, we will explore modern telecommunication architecture, neurotechnology, and novel medical applications.
Ribalinux is creating Linux and freeBSD How to Videos
721 posts
Stormkeeper at Geeked Up & Played Up
This is my official SubscribeStar page for Stormkeeper at Geeked Up & Played Up! It is here where I'll talk about my more personal and niche gaming, computing, tech, and other interests!
Gibbs Tech Solutions
Providing computer support and services throughout the United States.
Simple Cyber Defense
The Goal of Simple Cyber Defense is to educate and empower people to use simple cyber defense tools to protect themselves in a virtual world.
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Matt Cole
Provision in online courses, organization, and research.
Creating videos everything about Linux and Open Source Software
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Daniel X Moore
Free range computing on the frontiers of cyberspace.
I am a content creator of DIY home and garden projects that focus on general DIY, country living, and even an affordable U.S. Coin Collecting series.
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Next 100 Years
Liberty, The Technological Singularity & The All Mighty
I'm making video about various things I'm interested in.
Trevor Sullivan is a veteran of the software industry since 2004
Jan Lamprecht
I write science articles and post information about the latest developments in the world of science and technology.
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Live streams, youtube videos, podcasts, and other media centered around gaming, technology, and life.
SSuite Tech Blog
My brother and I created our website with a single purpose in mind... to provide computer-users with free quality office software and applications without any restrictions attached.
Reality Shift - Knights of Neon
Virtual Reality Video Game Development Community
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Jody Bruchon
I like to help people become better in every way I can. I do this through my videos, my software, and my essays online.
Millennium 7* History & Technology
Welcome to Millennium 7* !I cover topics that nobody else is covering in military history and military technology.

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