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We are creating Everyday Life, a farm sim game inspired by titles like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, follow the development at https://fablesoflaetus.com/
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Everyday Life is a game where you play as Adam, a retired adventurer, he settles down in the city of Edengrall to enjoy a peaceful life.

The game is being made on Unity by my brother and I, we plan to release the game with the following features

*Farming: over 100 plants planned, from herbs to crops to fruit trees

*Cooking: the deepest cooking system you ever seen

*Fishing: if you ever played Breath of Fire games you might have an idea of what this will be

*Faerie Village: village management, faeries will become helpers if you treat them well

*Animals: from livestock to pets

*Immersive AI: villagers will not follow a rigid schedule, they will instead have a list of tasks with different priorities that change based on events, environment or player action.

The game will release on Steam (we might also release in other platforms) for Windows at first and a Linux version will come later, we expect to release the game by 2020

Free updates will add more content and new features after the game release, some of the post release features will be Alchemy, Hunting, Combat, Building and Dungeon Crawling.

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Friday Progress Report 95


Finished the city reform

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Friday Progress Report 94


Town reform complete, now time to redo the terrain

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  • Right now we are using our savings to develop our dream game, by sending us a new dollars a month we can keep working without worrying about our finances.

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