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Manga timelines, anime reviews, and analysis using Jung and Nietzsche's thoughts/ideas
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You are a chad (but you didn't need me to say that). Your name will be listed in each video I produce so that all the anime chads can look on in awe.

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You have transcended Chadhood and have become Uber Chad. Your name will appear in every video as an Uber-Chad.

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God Chad

Truly, you are the stuff of legends. You may choose a manga timeline of your liking, and I will produce it for you. You will also be mentioned as a God Chad in all my videos.

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Tranquil Dionysian
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Hey, bros!

I love creating videos for you guys to consume and enjoy.  Right now, I'm working a full-time job while producing these videos.  By supporting the channel, you get me one step closer to making YT my full-time job -- which means more content for you guys!  Thanks again for all the support thus far, you guys are awesome!
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