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Catch all account for multimedia relating to my fictional universe, the Kolldrunn, Music, Art, Game Assets, and other stuff. Come on in! There's lots of goodies! :D
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I think it's already been quite established that, until I graduate from college, I'm simply not able to have the time and resources to provide any definite benefits, sadly. However! This Tier is a reminder to myself that I will eventually have a proper tier setup!

If you want to help support me a bit more than the base price, then subscribe to this tier and you'll probably get something cool!

... eventually. ;w:

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I have finished a promotional artwork depicting a scene from "Kolodruidtale"! If you're a subscriber, then you get to see it first before anyone else, hehe! These large scale illustrations/promotional artworks will be getting more and more sophisticated over time, as they are where I will showcase the utmost best of my artistic abilities. These images are also going to have music soundtracks to accompany them, which you will be able to access through my YouTube channel. And guess what! Subscribers get early access to those videos, as well! :D

Having said that, because this is my very first post on the subscribe star platform, this one is public and free for all to see! Hooray! Subsequent posts will require a subscription, tho. :3


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