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I do not guarantee content will be on here. You are supporting Hierosoft LLC so Poikilos can work part-time or full-time to create tabletop games, public-licensed software and assets, commercial software, and other works such as free design and coding eBooks at expertmultimedia.com. Get the downloads and updates at ZahYest.com and Hierosoft.com.
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  • Help me make public-licensed games, assets, and software my job. See https://zahyest.com and https://github.com/poikilos, and https://minetest.io for examples.

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If you like zahyest.com, minetest.io, or any projects on github.com/poikilos, help me dedicate time and money to development activities that help the public-licensed software community; and to upgrades, software, services, and subcontractors that help me do that. If I achieve this goal to supplement my part-time work, I can help you in this way instead of getting a full-time job.

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