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I make educational cartoons and satire!
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2 Bucks A Month

-You will get access to Q&A Google Hangouts! -Will put your name in video descriptions (if you want!) -I will love you forever even harder.

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5 Bucks A Month

-Join the exclusive Freedomtoons Facebook Group -1 Day Early Access to certain videos! -I’ll Send you “Free Stuff” or, “Printouts” from the show!

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10 Bucks A Month

You will be added to a second, more secret facebook group which will include even more behind the scenes content, as well as top secret updated and previews of certain videos before they are released! You will also get special features, such as access to episode commentaries. I will also draw a cartoon of you in my style if you request it, and you will get the chance to vote on topics for new videos!

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All the stuff people donating 10 a month get. PLUS the art work I send you will be signed. You'll also get a chance to do a 1 on 1 google hangout with me, and you'll get a free FreedomToons t shirt!

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50 Bucks A Month

You get everything everyone else gets PLUS your T- shirt will be signed! And you'll get extra art work, too. Also, at this tier, feel free to make special requests from me for artwork, toons, that kind of thing

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100 Bucks A Month

Not only will you be given a special thanks in the credits of every video your donation helps fund, and not only will your name be in the "patrons" tab on our website, you'll have much greater access to me than other patrons. I will set up exclusive hangouts for donors at this level and try my best to work around your schedule.



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