So, you're thinking of becoming a HaXxXo VtotheZ SubscribeStar Fan? I bet you are.

Here's a list of the exclusive rewards that you get with a SubscribeStar Fan subscription.


  • All Fan Perks Plus: All other Tier-Level perks from all other platforms {Gaming and Music}.

  • Monthly Fan-Level Giveaways: Every month you're automatically entered to receive Tier-Level Giveaways!

  • Star-Only Feed Access: Get exclusive access to posts just for your tier.

  • Star-Only Livestreams: Get access to exclusive live streams.

  • Star Recognition Post {On SubscribeStar}: Every month, I'll post a "Thanks" with a list of all the new subscribers for the month on SubscribeStar and on social media.

  • YouTube Video Credits: On YouTube uploads your name will show up at the end of my video credits.

  • SubscribeStar Live Chat {Monthly}: Join my exclusive chat where we can talk about whatever you want.

  • Fan Sticker: Get an exclusive sticker you can put on anything you want.

  • *Fan Badge {6 Months}: Get an exclusive badge when you're subscribed for 6 months.

  • *Fan Lootcrate {1 Year}: Get an exclusive Lootcrate every year you're subscribed on your anniversary.

  • *VIP Lvl: 1 {Reserve Tickets}: Reserve and pre-order concert tickets when I go on tour {Benefit carries based on total months of support}.


  • 1 Monthly Demo: Sometimes something new, sometimes something you may have heard but progressed a bit more.

  • All Free Music to Date {Digital}: Every single song released as "free-to-public" in one place {Mega or Dropbox}.

  • Exclusive Artwork: All Tier-Level artwork including badges, skins, gifs and more.

  • 10%-Off Concert Tickets + Merch + "Concert Pack": Get a discount on my concert tickets and "Concert Packs" when I go on tour {Benefit carries based on total months of support}.


  • 5 Currency per Minute: Earn 5 currency to use for whatever you want for each minute you stay on my stream.

  • 2K Currency on Follow: Earn 2000 currency when you follow me on Twitch {Based on Follows only, Not subscriptions}.

  • 5K Currency {Monthly Top-10 Viewer Bonus}: Each month, the Top 10 viewers earn 5000 currency to use on stream {Based on total time watched}.

  • 5K Currency on Subscription: Earn 5000 currency when you first subscribe.

  • **Shoutout on Stream: I'll give you a shoutout on stream.

  • Live Announcement on Discord: I'll announce when you go live on my Discord server {If you're a streamer too of course}.

  • **Name in Stream Credits: Your name will appear in my stream credits {Per stream only}.

  • 5X's Mini-Game Luck: Earn 5X's more currency than non-subscribers when playing Mini-Games on my streams.

  • Follow Back {Twitch}: I'll follow you back on Twitch.

  • Custom Emotes Pack: Lvl: 1: Get a custom emotes pack to use in chat {Level: 1}.

  • Game Night {Monthly}: I'll stream games with subscribers only for one night a month. You choose the game.

  • Game Choice Lvl: 1: Decide what game I get to play.

  • Custom Bot Greeting: Get your very own personalized bot greeting that the bot greets you with each time you visit my channel.

  • Moderator {1 Week per Year} {Twitch}: Be my personal lackey and Mod for my stream for an entire week every year {You choose when}.

  • Twitch Host {1 Week per Year}: I'll host your channel on mine for an entire week every year.

  • Stream Setup Lvl 1: ALL IMAGES: I'll share all the IMAGES I use for my streams.



  • All My Awesome Public Content: You get access to all my public content and groups like my Discord server and my public Facebook groups.

  • "New Content" Notifications: Get notified first whenever I post new content.

  • Public Discord: Get sent a link to my Discord server when you subscribe.

  • Private Discord {Fans}: Get access to an exclusive Discord channel where you can talk to other members of your tier and me too of course :)

  • Exclusive Discord Role: Get an exclusive role in my Discord server.

  • Facebook Fan Group: Get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can talk to other members of your tier and me too of course :)

  • Follow Back: I'll follow you back on social media.

  • Social Media Shoutout: I'll give you a personal shoutout on social media...Unless you're the shy type.

  • Bragging Rights: What better reward than being able to say to your friends "Hey, I know that guy!"?

  • Ad-Block Forgiveness: Use an Ad-Blocker? Well, I’ll post videos for you to watch without having to worry about skipping ads.



  • Buy Merch, Music and Listen to My Next Releases: Get access to all my public content on my website {Must create an account on Official Website}.

  • 10%-Off Store Discount: Get an exclusive coupon to use on my Official Website {Must OPT-IN to website emails}.

  • Private Mailing List: Get access to exclusive emails and promos {Must OPT-IN to website emails}.

  • Early Access to Events + New Releases: Get access to all my newest content first {Must OPT-IN to website emails}.

  • *Exclusive Fan Tee {6 Months}: Get an exclusive Tee that no one else can ever buy anywhere in the entire Universe.

  • Movie Night {Monthly}: We'll watch a movie together! {Like going on a date but without any weird or awkward moments}.

  • Fan Access: Download the Wix App to get exclusive access to all Website Fan perks in one place with a secret code.

I've also posted the rewards for each platform and tier over on my official website on my support page at in case you want to compare each before subscribing.


    • Denotes milestone reward claimable once a specific milestone is achieved.
  • ** Denotes live-stream reward activated through either Twitch or SubscribeStar only. Only users who interacted with the current stream in progress either by following, donating, subscribing, resubscribing, cheering or acting as a moderator would show up on the credits. Previous interactions would not be shown in future streams unless you change subscription tiers, continue subscription, resubscribed if you had unsubscribed in the past or interacted with that specific stream through donations, cheers or acting as a moderator.


  • All Tier Bonus Rewards are available to everyone regardless of whatever platform you wish to subscribe to {IE. Twitch, Tradiio or SubscribeStar or my Official Website}. For instance, whether you subscribe to a Tradiio Fan Subscription or a Twitch Fan Subscription, you would still get all Fan Tier Bonus Rewards {Social Media and Official Website} no matter which platform you picked.

  • Only SubscribeStar Subscribers get access to BOTH Gaming Rewards and Music Rewards along with the exclusive SubscribeStar-Only Exclusive Rewards for the cost of just one subscription plan.

  • SubscribeStar models the Patreon Tier system for convenience but the rewards are the same since I am trying to move from Patreon to SubscribeStar completely.

  • Changing levels of support resets any progress made in other tiers.

  • Access to exclusive content contingent on active subscription.

  • Rewards may change at any time in cases of availability but you will be notified beforehand so that you would be able to decide if you would like to continue your subscription.

  • Access to all Subscription Rewards continue until the 1st of the following month.

  • Founders must be subscribed at the point of closure at the Founder level to lock in Founder benefits for life.