Acadian Prime
By joining, you support my efforts in providing grounded commentary and analysis on the latest gaming, technology, and stream culture news.
Lets Be Frank
Working to provide content to inform and entertain.
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Chandler Crump
Free Thinking 15 Year-Old | Public Speaker
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Matthew J. Mimnaugh
Hard science fiction and fantasy author of long series.
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The David Knight Show
Subscribe to David Knight for the most in-depth and cutting edge investigative journalism.
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Current events commentary, parodies, News of the Weird & Wonderful, Dog Abby, The Gospel According to Mélanie, News the to Max, Jim Class - and MORE!
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Tales From SYL Ranch
Where everyone is entitled to my opinion.
I enjoy making videos about popular media like film, television series, comic books and gaming.
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The Voice of the Awakening Woman. A Brooklyn Community Wellness Podcast
Cooking With Venom
I am a cartoonist, internet deep diver and video creator! I do a lot of stuff, so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!
Kevin Scampoli started TWFS in March of 2011 and Raw's 4th Hour in January of 2016. Access the 2011-2018 podcast archive and hundreds of lost TWFS YouTube videos covering the greatest decade of professional wrestling. All podcasts are currently available with video updates frequently.
Felix Rex / BPS
My channel has the dubious honour of being one of the first with videos in limited state, being subject to an academic smear paper at the Kennedy Business School at Harvard and also being de-platformed and restored, and now totally demonetized.
314 posts
Tore Says
Independent Journalist - exposing the globalist cabal.
Christopher Enoch
First Century Christianity in Every Church in the World.
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Hello. I'm a YouTube content creator that produces social (and political) commentary styled videos.
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Objective, independent, and uninfluenced journalism.
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A place for entertainment, gaming and political news along with random content that comes to mind.
I create gaming and tabletop gaming content video's. From playtests to playthroughs, challenge runs, miniature painting sessions, boardgame tutorials, and game nights
ADM Vlog
Based in Toronto -- but with a penchant for travel -- Adam is not limited by the four corners of the world. An experienced communicator, he applies his myriad life experiences through audio, visual, written, and artistic mediums.
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Keith Woods
An Irish lad trying to make sense of clown world
Veteran, Father, Husband, Conservative, YouTuber, and all around American
Voivode Vlad
Independent journalism and political/social analysis from a autistic south slav perspective.
Alfred Anthony
Music, Video, Commentary.
Jon Proby
I'm an Orthodox Christian centered in Oakland Commiefornia. I'm a social critic, artist and iconographer
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Sarah Corriher
I am The Crusader Gal. Your donations make it possible for me to continue producing videos regularly. Together we can save the world by awakening one libtard at a time. For one-time donations, please use "tip". For monthly donations and to become a V.I.P. member, please use "subscribe". Thank you!
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Geomancy Games - Small youtuber! I talk politics and make video game compilations. Single father looking to grow an audience!
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Terminus: Extreme Metal Podcast
Two dudes talking about black metal, death metal, war metal, hardcore, grindcore, and anything that connects -- from Danzig to Dead Can Dance.
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From since I was in high school, I always thought playing games for a living was my dream job. Now years later, I still feel I can make some of the best content. Thank you for your support.
Political comic artist.
CrossPlay Gaming
Hello to everyone who watches and enjoys my gaming content and Christian commentary! Thank you so much if you decide to subscribe to me and support me financially. Every little bit helps me to produce more and focus more!

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