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First Century Christianity in Every Church in the World.
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Christopher Enoch

2 Esdras

I am currently working on an audio/video recording of the entire book of 2 Esdras. As of the writing of this post, I have the audio, and video fully recorded, but it needs editing, which I am currently working on.
2 Esdras is one of the most interesting books of scripture. It speaks of life after death, and the end of the world.
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Christopher Enoch

It's no secret: The church is in bad shape today. Churches are closing everywhere, and the buildings are being rezoned to residential or commercial buildings. The numbers are dropping. Those who used to be Christian are leaving the faith, becoming atheist, or converting to other religions. The church may be down, but not out. There's still hope. God can resurrect her. And indeed God will. We read in the book of Acts how the church exploded with growth, with miracles, signs, and wonders. The leaders in the book of Acts made brazen calls to "be saved from this corrupt generation", even going as far as saying "God COMMANDS all men everywhere to repent". Much of the doctrine and practices we find in church today is not found in the Bible. We need a revolution - back to the roots. We need to go back upstream, bypass all the man-made pollution throughout the centuries, and go back to the source where the water is pure. And that is what we are doing. Our method: to utilize every form of media to do it - videos, blog posts, books, audio teachings, etc.. etc.. As you join us in this mission, you play a vital part in making this happen. And together we will bring back first century Christianity in every church in the world!

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You will receive up to one hour of dedicated time with me every month to talk about whatever is on your mind. You can choose a personal phone call, or video call.

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You will receive my daily devotional videos on USB drive delivered to your doorstep every month. These videos are the same videos that are posted on various social media sites without the loss of quality due to compression. Every time I post a video online, there is a loss of quality due to compression and conversion. But you will receive the very best quality, raw uncompressed video files via USB drive.



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