Two Messianic Jews
We produce a YouTube channel and podcast that explores Messianic Jewish history and theology
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Native faith musings and inspiration for the Animist, genotheist, folk religious and anyone interested. All donations go to upkeep, religious work or other charity.
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Scutum Fidei
Traditional Catholic podcast and all around Catholic content creators.
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Mind and Magick
Frater Xavier creates video content specializing in Hermeticism, Western Ceremonial Magick, Philosophy, & the Occult.
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208 posts
Christopher Enoch
First Century Christianity in Every Church in the World.
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Bitchutes own FuzzyLogic
Teaching on the Lost 10 Tribes of the House of Israel, also known as Jacob/Israel. The endtimes and Salvation by faith in Yeshua, [Jesus] in english. Join my BITCHUTE channel.. Blessing and Good Health.
The Godly Dragon
My name is Ethan Horn, and this is my Christian reviews and apologetics ministry, where all reviews are done from a Christian perspective and where the Christian faith is compellingly defended through the use of cartoons. Especially dragons.
The Gnostic Unity Church
Spreading Gnosis
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John C. Wright
Author of unworldly fantasies and high-flying pulp adventure
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Faith and Honor
Faith and Honor is an Anglican podcast featuring conversations on history, doctrine, and values.
Book of Revelation
Keys to understanding the Book of Revelation. Start your journey (or deprogramming) today!
I am a college lecturer, I teach philosophy. I am also research officer at the Iona Institute in Dublin, Ireland. I write mostly about bioethics, particularly abortion, marriage and religion. I am planning to post an article per week. Here below you can find some examples.
Living the Good Life, Soon!
Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! "Living the Good Life, Soon!" is a live podcast where we'll discuss politics, religion and life events, each week. Our goal is to improve our lives, our family, and our community by taking control of our thoughts and feelings, and redirecting any negativity away from our lives.
Gary Lite
I try to follow all the most useful and important information from all over the world to help everyone see the truth about who we really are as a human race and reach enlightenment.
Guru Monxy
Support my free book, Enlighten Your Life
Center for Syncretic Studies
Paradigm shifting YouTube video documentaries, shows, interviews, and more - focusing on new ideologies, classical, modern, and post-modern philosophy - coming from one of the world's most censored independent research centers
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"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
Why Our Civilization is Dying and Why We Should Fight for It
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The Savage Atheist
I run the YouTube channel The Savage Atheist where I bootstomp people with logic. Here, hold my crown.
Expedition Truth
Christian Radio program focusing on Culture, World Religion, Philosophy, and Science.
one of nine
Real life Catholic mother channel. With mums for mums.

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