I am doing exclusive streams for subscribers where I can speak freely without censorship.
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If you would like to support my video work and content please join! Thank you!
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The David Knight Show
Subscribe to David Knight for the most in-depth and cutting edge investigative journalism.
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Hunting Spots NZ
Here at hunting spots our goal is to show you where to hunt, allow you to plan out your trip and share your intentions with friends and family.Check it out at
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Evidence-based opinion journalism focused on the Las Vegas Shooting that took place October 1st, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.These videos and posts are the results of our research...
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 Trust Period
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Happy Warrior
Independent Journalist, and Youtuber/Podcaster Peter Pischke focusing his work on news, politics, issues pertaining to the chronic pain community, and of course nerd news.
Voivode Vlad
Independent journalism and political/social analysis from a autistic south slav perspective.
You may know me as the woman in the Right to Try video. After receiving a miraculous second chance at life I am working to build up my own media and commentary platform.I hope to highlight the stories you care about. Tell me what they are.
Lauren Southern
Documentary Film Maker
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