Writer and illustrator making emotionally geared and colourful stories that, hopefully, will inspire others.
Michael Kingswood
I write fiction for fun and profit.
The deep voice you've always wanted.
Daren Gillingham
Science fiction and fantasy writer releasing early access to my books.
Creative Jane
Writing is my first love.
Tsar Bamba [Held Fast]
By making a pledge here, you can support my works. I work a full-time job in addition to producing this comic, so assistance, both financial and in terms of the workload, are greatly appreciated.
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36 posts
Karmic Acumen
Various forms of fiction
Pinkerton's Ghosts
Horror podcasts starring Pinkerton's Ghosts. Jack Morrow, Jim Donavan and Sean Russo - and others - transcribe events that defy rational and sane explanation. If you love Horror, Monsters, and Defying all odds to make sure the sun will rise tomorrow, support us.
7 subscribers
104 posts
Aaron Storm
For decades I've read at least a dozen books a month. For the past few years I've been writing as a hobby. I have a number of projects that are well on their way to novel length. My goal is to start sharing what I've written.
Christine Luft - Author
Science fiction and fantasy author, author of the Sunrise Regiment series
Crazy Girl In Flip-flops
I’m Deplao, founder of An author at heart, storyteller since born, and goal-seeker for a decade.I began to ask my mother: “What is my life purpose?” when I was 12.When I was 24, I finally found my life goal.
0 posts
A writer of fantasy and science-fiction. I write both novels and web serials.
Author and senior editor at Steak House Books; talking about industry issues, writing tips, advice, and culture.
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Author Looking to write some great stories, if you enjoy them, please consider subscribing.
Jordan E Kristofer
I write fantasy short fiction.
John Lee Clemmer
I'm a writer. Podcasts, articles, and exclusive content available via subscription.
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Warlord's World
Warlord's World is a YouTube channel creating videos about worldbuilding and character design.
S. C. Coleman (Author)
Hello, if you are already familiar with the work of S. C. Coleman, or new to the things that I post; expect a wide array of topics to be published.
J. J. Bartel
Author, Scientist, Historian, Gamer
Jeszika Le Vye
I'm an imaginative realist painter and writer - creating elegant, sometimes haunting paintings, art prints, books, and worlds! Subscribe to receive beautiful treasures each month - whether digital or delivered to your door.
Matthew J. Mimnaugh
Hard science fiction and fantasy author of long series.
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Knight Asher
Writer and artist of the world of Exile series
10 posts
Proximal Flame
For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in writing and science, so combining the two seemed natural. Creator of The Last Angel series.
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Hi! I write Web Novel as FebyA. Mostly fantasy, but also Drama and Romance. On this site, you can read advanced chapters of my web novels way earlier than others. I hope you like It here. Thank you!

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