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Where the Cross roads met.

Part 2

"Benny?' Tom asked.

"Yea?"Benny, stopping almost to his room.

"Can I see you for a minute?" He asked. "I'll give him right back." He said to Jayden.

Jayden nervously followed him to the living room. The two were alone, which was rare, cause it was where we all lived. Benny suddlenly felt there was going to be a talk, and pepaird for it. He had always suspected that is why his parents bought him gaming laptops, instead of gaming computers. For Christmas one year he got a new graphics card for his old desktop, and after a few weeks, his parents made Wendsdays family game night, and Friday movie night, Of course, Jayden was invited. That same year he got my first gaming laptop, kinda a cheap thing, but he could game in the living room. He knew he had the coolest parents, Jayden loved his dad, he ignored, how terrible he was.

One day two years ago, Jayden's dad left us at Walmart, after we looked for him for a bit, we called him. He said he had to run to another store, for work, and he'd be back soon. Walmart security started to follow us around after three hours. After an hour of us playing hide and seek with them, they kicked us out. Benny wanted to call hi mom for a ride, but Jayden said no, that the boys should walk home, and his dad would pick them up on the way. That was two hours, into a two and a half-hour walk home. Jayden told his mom and asked her why Jayden would defend his father. She said love is blind. He told her he didn't deserve Jayden's love, she chuckled at him funny and didn't say anything.

"What's up?" I asked.

"So, there is a really good, chance Jayden, won't go back to live with his father." Benny's dad said, Benny grinned. "Hey, that doesn't mean he can live here." Benny's face turned red and he felt anger welling deep inside him. "If it was up to us, he would, but it may not be." Benny felt the heat in him cool, still, angry Jayden could be taken from him, just not from his own parents.

"Yea." Benny sighed, trying not to look as devastated as he was.

"But my work, has allowed me a few connections with the right people, and my reputation, has allowed for a mutual respect, so I think we are safe enough to assume, it's going to happen, but we shouldn't get Jayden's hopes up..." Jayden nodded him. "That said, you understand that adding another teenager to the house, will mean we will have to make a few cutbacks."

"As long as he can stay with us, he shouldn't be alone, somewhere..."

"I agree, so this laptop every birthday thing is going to have to change, we just can't do two new laptops in one month...."

"Dad." The teen whined. "I just want to keep him safe, that's all that matters now, I owe him that much."

"Benny, this isn't your fault either." His dad said in his 'Listen I am your father tone', stern, calm, and reassuring. Then he handed him the thing that brings dread to every teen boy's heart, " There is one way to put this on, so it rolls." Then he handed me a little bottle. "I don't know the specifics, but you'll need this too."

"Yes dad I know!" I grumbled, I blushed as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Relax your mom and I both figured, you have been secretly watching porn." He chuckled. I huffed at him. "I Did when I was your age, and I did it on the family computer, your phone is in your room all the time. You just need to understand, most of what you see, isn't sex, it's acting, sex is messier, more awkward, and you should wear a condom."

"Yea I know!" He huffed. "I took a health class."

"Ok, I think you get the point, put those away, until you're both ready... Now go drink energy drinks and stay up until five or something." He chuckled.

"Thanks!" I sighed relieved and practically ran to my room.

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Where the Cross Roads Met Part 1

"Hey, Benny." I smiled at him as he walked into my room and quietly closed my door.

"Your dad's home!" He groaned.

"I told you this morning he was going to be home." I looked at him, kinda annoyed because it was something else he forgot. He looked like he was really upset about something. "Hey what's wrong?" I sat up out of my bed.

He came to me. "Jayden, I am gay." He said quietly and sat next to me.

"That explains gym last Friday." I chuckled, he turned bright red. "Hey, I may not be not gay, I am your best friend, it makes me happy that you think I'm cute."

"Jayden, your gay." He sighed, took my phone from me, I heard a short clip of gay porn I had saved play.

"Am not!" I shouted and grabbed my phone.

Benny let me have my phone, but tackled me to my bed, crawled up to me, smirked down at me. "The porn just downloaded itself?" I nodded. "All forty-seven videos?" I sighed and noticed that Benny was very 'intrested' in what he was doing and huge, my eyes went wide as I stared up at him. "Yea, this is hot." His face filled with blood, a certain body part of my own filled with blood. It pushed my own much smaller part, into his.

"You're so.... so ... big... and I am not." I sighed.

"Yes I am, and, you still wear boys underwear." He smirked, I pouted. He leaned down, moving in for a kiss. His lips touched mine, we kissed, then he bit my lip, I moaned. He pulled away and smirked at me. "Your gay!" I nodded, smiling back up at him. "And now I will make you mine..." He leaned in again, this time biting my neck, I moaned...

"You have been my friend forever, since our parents brought us together from the hospital..." I paused, and looked up at him, thinking about all the things we had done together, how over the last year or two, we had somehow had become even closer friends. Friends called us the old married couple, we'd fight and bicker with each other, just for fun, and were otherwise glued together. Could this be love? I searched deep in his eyes, hoping for an answer. I found it, in his soft misty blue eyes. "Benny, I think I Love You..."

"No!" My dad shouted, as the door, to my room flew opened. "Both of you out!" Benny scrambled off me, I scrambled after him. "Both of you out!" He shouted much louder. Benny pulled me to my feet, Panic ripped through my chest, causing a burning like the blood was freezing in my veins, I clutched his hand. I felt safe-er. Benny looked calm, He ran to the door, in half the time it would normally take, but with my dad yelling, shouting and chasing us. It felt now it felt like hours. "Not in my House!" He shouted, stomping after us. We ran out the door. "Stay out!" He slammed the door. We ran into Benny's house. I closed and locked the door and clung to Benny, my head burried in his chest. His chest pushed my head back, and forward as he panted.

I just laid on him, more than stood, clinging to his chest, panting, trying to hold back my tears. I couldn't. "It's ok Jay." Benny kissed the top of my head. "Your safe I got ya." He whispered

"What is all this racket?" Tammy, Benny's mom holard around the corner of the kitchen, I couldn't let go of Benny, and he just held me to him closer. "About time." She chuckled. I started sobbing. "Hey, Jay?" She asked softly.

"Mom!" Benny objected.

"Come on boys, let's have a glass of chocolate milk." She said. It was always, her way of goading us into talking about our problems, and she always smiled when she said. It always calmed me down, and eventhough I couldn't see her I knew she was smiling. Knowing she was smiling, made me smile.

"Extra chocolate, it's been a long shitty day." I froze, "Crappy day." I corrected my curse.

"Oh fuck! My boys swear when they aren't around me. Mother fucking son of a bitch." Tammy threw her hands in the air and said hilariously overdramatic. Benny and I laughed. "Just don't make it a habit, that's all." She wagged her finger at us, and with the other arm motioned us to the kitchen. We sat while she made the milk, we took our spots across from each other at the table.

I was nervously fidgeting, with my hands. Benny took them. "Its cute when you fidget when you're bored." He smiled and whispered. "I don't like it now." I let him take my hands.

"Benny, you are a good little man." Tammy smiled at him, as she came in with two glasses of milk, one much darker than the other.

"You heard that?" He whined. She smiled and nodded at him

"Sweet!" I celebrated at the sight of an extra chocolate, chocolate milk, ignoring Benny.

"Oh wait there is more!" She smiled as she sat them down. She went back into the kitchen, and came back with two more, one for her, and another extra chocolate one for me. Sat it in front of me and took her seat.

"I really needed this." I smiled at her.

"I know...." She smiled. "So, I am going to start with the elephant, your dad and I kinda figured, you two might be gay." She smiled at Benny. "We don't care one way or the other."

I felt, miserable worse than, a, flatten squirrel in the road. after three days. I took a sip of milk to keep my throat from burning, but it hurt so bad I cried. "OH?" Tammy asked Benny, her voice deep with concern.

"Yea." Benny sighed, "Not in his house." He mocked

"If Min, hadn't passed." She sighed. "Not that, that makes any of this remotely ok." She sighed, and put her hand on mine. "You know, until we get this worked out, you can stay with us." She said with a smile.

I smiled back at her, then the thought this might not get worked out, and what if my dad. What if my didn't want me to be happy, cause I know I would be happy here, and he made me move back in, to torment me.... I forced the smile to stay. "Thanks!" I Said.

The garage door opened, Benny pulled his hand away, "Honey, why is Jayden's...." Tom, Benny's day said but stopped when he saw me, with two glasses of milk, my eyes still red, Benny's hands not holding mine, but both our hands in the middle of the table .There was only one reason why they'd be like that. Benny's look of terror, at his dad, was met with panic from his father.

"Honey!" Tammy scolded.

"Oh, boys!" He smiled. "This is great! I am so happy for you!" He said quickly. "Tammy I need to see you ALONE!" He rolled his eyes to the kitchen.

Tammy forced a smile at us, and walked in, now nervous. Tom spoke quietly but he was so mad, we could hear him shouting quietly at Tammy. I felt the lump in my stomach grow large again. "He's doing what?" Tammy shouted.

"Shh. Shh," Tom pleaded. Whatever Tom was mad about, it wasn't cause' of me, I hadn't as much as a skipped class in a month. Benny took my hand, I smiled at him.

"It's going to be ok." He whispered.

"Uhh, boys." Tom came back. "Jay, I don't know how to tell you, so I am going, to be honest, your father is dumping your stuff in the front yard." Father, that was a good word, for him now. When my mom died, she became My mother, she had always been mom, and when she was gone, I couldn't call her mom. I don't know why, it was like Pez and Pescacdio in Spanish, strangely that made me feel better about it all.

"Benny, why don't you order some pizza and breadsticks." Tammy smiled. "And buy a movie, and go cuddle or something." She smiled. I blushed. "Oh please." She rolled her eyes. "I was your age once too." She smiled.

"Yea a long time ago!" Tom chuckled.

"Go on boys, just one pizza... Benny I am going to kill your father after we are done moving stuff." She smirked. Tom held up two fingers, and mouthed 'Pepperroi'. The two 'adults' left and we went to Benny's room. It was messy, compared to mine, piles of clothes, and a half-full thirty-gallon trash bagful of junk. I hated the mess, but it did smell like him. He closed his door behind us I hopped on his bed, he got in bed put his arm around me, and handed me the remote. I picked the newest sci-fi thriller, 'Bugs from deep space: VII'.

"Of course." Benny chuckled. "You watched the first six, six times."

"Hey" I objected.

"It makes you cute." He sighed, then kissed my head. He ordered a pizza.

"Ham and Pineapple." I poked at his screen and accidentally tapped anchovies.

"Yes dear!" He said a bit scarcstally."No back seat ordering." He kissed my head. I leaned back into him. He ordered the pizza, and he snuck in cinnamon bread and paid with the balance on his gift card. That is how his parents got around giving him a debit card and let him do all the ordering, it was one of his chores, his 'chores' were so easy compared to mine, and he got a lot more money than I did. When he turned thirteen he got a raise to a 'teenagers' allowance, I still got twenty bucks, my dad said when I took a girl out I'd get my raise then.

About an hour later. "Boys?" Tom shouted A few seconds later, there was a knock at the door. "Boys? Are you in here?"

"We are cuddling, where else would we cuddle?" Benny asked annoyed.

"Are you uh... Decent?" Tom asked, a bit hesitantly.

"Eww dad, yes we are, just come in." Benny said with contempt and disdain

The door opened. "Well, your mom and I thought you'd use the couch."

"Yea but it's lumpy." Benny whined.

"Just keep the door opened." Tom nodded,

"We never had to before." Benny objected.

"Before you never, thought about each other, when you felt 'urges'." He said calmly I blushed, I wanted to disappear. I had 'urges' about benny before. When Benny and I jerked off together, I felt so dumb for dismissing them, as excitement for doing something so taboo. I curled up into a ball.

Tom sighed. "It's ok if you have." He sat on the edge of the bed. "It is, really Jay. Your old enough that I'd be worried if you haven't." He paused. "What I should have said, be curious and brave enough to act on them..."

"Daddy!" Benny whined.

"Then cover your ears, cause I think Jayden needs to hear." He smirked at Benny, who huffed a protest. "When your mom passed, your dad took it hard, it changed him, and he always carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Your mom was so good for him because she was really good at taking some off without him knowing." He sighed. "Sometimes good people do bad things, give him a few days, to calm down, maybe he'll cool down."

"Don't lie to him." Tammy sighed from the door. "Jay, your dad has lost it...."

"Hon! " Tom objected.

"How else would you describe his reaction? How else would you explain his actions to him...." Her eyes darted to me. I was obvious as to why.

"Ok." He shrugged.

"We brought in most of your things, he broke your tv, and the screen on your laptop." Tears welled up in me, it was Benny's he gave it to me when he got his new one. Benny was kinda spoiled, but knew it, and was literally the most generous guy I knew. so every year when he got a new one, he gave me his old one. I started to cry again.

"Hey, we talked about it, we'll go after dinner and get you a new one, just like Benny's." Tom smiled.

"Thanks, but that one was special, cause, Benny gave it to me." I sniffled.

Benny leaned his head in close to me, I wanted him to kiss my head again, I didn't care his parents were in the room. He didn't. "Well then we buy me a new one and you can have my old one." he said.

"Benny!" Tammy objected.

"I'd like that." I mumbled.

"Tammy, the boy is a hopeless romantic." Tom chuckled. "If that is what makes him happy., it's only a few months old any how." Tammy nodded. The doorbell rang Benny got the pizza.

"Hmm..." Tammy said as Benny set the pizza down on the kitchen table. "I said one pizza, but two is fine... Since I didn't kill your father, after all, that can wait until he paints the guest bedroom I guess." She chuckled. "But I see two little boxes, so I am guessing you ordered Cinna bread too." She smirked. "I thought I turned off free will mode." Everyone laughed at The Sim's reference, unlike my dad, Benny's Parents were gamers too, that is why he always got a cool laptop for his birthday, they got it.

"Yea, that automatically turns back on say... Around thirteen, and you can't turn it off." Benny chuckled. We ate, I was treated to more strong chocolate milk, but warned it was a treat, and not to get used to it. We went to the computer store, and Benny got a new computer. We got home and we ran to Benny's room, to play with our new toys.

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Man in the Mansion Part 3 (Reader suggestion)

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Man in the Mansion Part 2 (Reader suggestion)

We are laying in bed, he is laying behind me, holding me, on our sides, the softest white sheet over us. I feel his semi, resting between my cheeks. The fruits of his passions from the door, an hour ago are still deep where he left them. "You've been quiet." He whispered.

"I like this, what we do." I clarified.

"Good, me too." He smirks as he runs his open palm, from my stomach to my chest. His hand is so big his fingers could almost grip it. My stomach contracted, as his hand lightly touches my skin. "My silky boy.." He kisses my head. "Tell me what you want?" My mind races, does he mean a gift, lunch, or... He slides his erection up to my boi hole, removing all doubt.

"If you're ready." I wiggle back into him.

"That isn't what I want." I can hear his smirk. He lightly nibbles my ear, I moan. "I want my silky boy, on this bed, whenever I am in town. I want to know he is keeping it safe when I am gone."

He pushes into me, his hand slides back to my waist, just above my own, junk. His passion is what made me see him again, this is different, as he does the most primal thing a man can do to anyone, he grunts, and I realize I already feel, the closeness to him I felt after his passion at the door.

"If not the first part, the second" He whispers finishing in me.

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Man in the Mansion Part 1 (Reader suggestion)

I can't believe the house when I pulled up to it. "Woa." I chuckle to myself. I park in front of the red-brick mansion, white Greek columns, in front of it. I ring the bell, he Opens and waved me in. My 'special' friend. "You made it." He smiled. I nodded, nervous, we had met once before. The door clicks, I feel his hands around my waist. "I am so glad you came." He whisperes, sliding his hands into my shorts. "I have missed you." He kissed up and down my neck. "That smooth, hairless body, masculine, but so willing to be my little girl." I can hear his smirk.

He turns me, pushes me into the door, he puts his hands on either side of me, leaning into me, kissing my neck. I slowly tilt my neck, he chuckles, as he kisses the newly exposed neck. His hands slide around my waist again, into my shorts. "I have missed you." His hands push my underwear and shorts off. "My wife just didn't feel this good." I feel what I know is the tip of his cock, push into my cheeks. I try to pretend that he isn't married, the first few times we met, he claimed to be out of town, we met in his hotel room.

It wasn't until the third or fourth time, he told me, and it was too late, his gentle touch, his warm peppery smell, I had to have him, the little things, like room service at 2 AM, and the little gifts. "This place, is for us, No more hotels." He whispers. He pushes into my hole, I feel it stretch open, still denying both of us what we want. I moan, he grunts, sliding in me, leaning against me pushing me into the door, I know for the next few hours, I will be his reason to exist, I am forever his.

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